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1 products FONA Dental
FONA Dental FONALaser
Dental for dental surgery FONALaser FONA Dental

The FONALaser is intuitive, easy to use, fits within your budget and provides...

14 products A.R.C. Laser
new A.R.C. Laser CHIROLAS
Surgical diode CHIROLAS A.R.C. Laser

The Chirolas laser provides up to 20 Watt output power and is equipped with a self-centering fiber coupling system and one dial operation. It has a user-friendly diode...

video A.R.C. Laser C-LAS
Surgical CO2 C-LAS A.R.C. Laser

C-LAS is less pain. It has faster recovery. It has faster dedicated to expand and it has quick reach of minimally invasive surgery, A.R.C. Laser instant to surgeons the precision of CO2 laser surgery...

4 products Kavo
Kavo 2063
Handheld dental 2063 Kavo

Upgrade your KEY Laser III or KEY Laser II is easily done with this device. It is the first contact handpiece that can easily and effectively remove dentin...

video Kavo DIAGNOdent pen 2190
Fluorescence carie detector DIAGNOdent pen 2190 Kavo

DIAGNOdent pen offers a friendly method for early detection of periodontitis and suitable diagnostics of caries. Adequate information for diagnostics...

EMS Electro Medical Systems  Swiss Laserclast®
Surgical HoYAG for lithotripsy Swiss Laserclast® EMS Electro Medical Systems

The 20W Swiss LaserClast Holmium YAG laser system utilizes a 2.1 micrometer wavelength, a wavelength that is easily absorbed by water and...

video KLS Martin Group MCO 25plus, MCO 50plus
Surgical CO2 MCO 25plus, MCO 50plus KLS Martin Group

The KLS Martin is comprised with the new MCO 25plus/MCO 50plus CO2 lasers which proffer laser technology at its best. This device is comprehended with easy-to-understand operating...

video KLS Martin Group diomax®
Surgical diode diomax® KLS Martin Group

The diomax® diode laser has set new standards of precision in laser surgery. With its varied range of applications, easy use feature and intuitive...

video KLS Martin Group Limax® 120
Surgical NdYAG and diode Limax® 120 KLS Martin Group

A combination of a diode laser and a solid-state laser is provided by the Limax® 120 making it a two-in-one solution. The device contains a advanced...

Abbott Medical Optics STAR S4 IR™
Ophthalmic excimer for ophtalmic refractive surgery STAR S4 IR™ Abbott Medical Optics

The STAR S4 IR™ Excimer Laser System is designed to bring Advanced CustomVue™ laser vision correction to life. Equipped with VSS Refractive™ technology (Variable Spot Scanning) and VRR™...

Abbott Medical Optics iFS™ Advanced
Ophthalmic femtosecond fiber for corneal flap creation iFS™ Advanced Abbott Medical Optics

All the advanced Femtosecond Lasers comes in the 5th generation of iFS Laser. The iFS Laser provides the surgeons with customization process at optimal comfort offering as an indispensible tool for LASIK....

Abbott Medical Optics IntraLase™ FS
Ophthalmic femtosecond solidstate for corneal flap creation IntraLase™ FS Abbott Medical Optics

AMO’s IntraLase™ FS technology has proven to be the success story of LASIK, by means...

new Dornier MedTech Europe   940 nm | Medilas D UroBeam
Surgical diode for urological surgery 940 nm | Medilas D UroBeam Dornier MedTech Europe

The Dornier Medilas D UroBeam is a high powered laser optimized for the ablation of prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)....

video Dornier MedTech Europe   940 nm | Medilas D FlexiPulse
Surgical diode 940 nm | Medilas D FlexiPulse Dornier MedTech Europe

The Dornier Medilas D FlexiPulse is a high performance wave laser which can be utilized in a number of applications. The laser device is state-of-the art in that it combines Power Bar technology with...

Dornier MedTech Europe   940 nm | Medilas D MultiBeam
Surgical diode 940 nm | Medilas D MultiBeam Dornier MedTech Europe

The Dornier Medilas D MultiBeam is a continuous wave laser with an 80 watt diode and 940 nm wavelength. The ergonomically designed device is compact and lightweight, making it suitable...

Dornier MedTech Europe   940 nm | Medilas D LiteBeam +
Surgical diode 940 nm | Medilas D LiteBeam + Dornier MedTech Europe

The Dornier Medilas D LiteBeam+ is a high valued diode laser comprises with the dense and superior safety characteristics....

Dornier MedTech Europe   Medilas H Solvo
Surgical HoYAG for urological surgery lithotripsy Medilas H Solvo Dornier MedTech Europe

The floor based product Dornier Medilas H Solvo is built by using the proven 2.1 um wavelength to facilitate the destruction process...

Dornier MedTech Europe   Medilas H UroPulse
Surgical HoYAG for urological surgery lithotripsy Medilas H UroPulse Dornier MedTech Europe

Being user-friendly, the Dornier Medilas H UroPulse is endowed with a high-resolution touch screen with offers intuitive functioning, by a huge color graphic user interface....

14 products Biolitec
Biolitec LIFE™ • Ceralas®-Lasersystem
Surgical for urological surgery LIFE™ • Ceralas®-Lasersystem Biolitec

LIFE is a complete procedural system that utilizes Lasersystem, Cerelas, and TWISTER Fiber technologies. During procedures, unwanted soft tissue is eliminated with Selective Light Vaporization...

video Biolitec CERALAS® 180
Surgical for urological surgery CERALAS® 180 Biolitec

The Evolve Laser System by Ceralas is the world’s most powerful medical laser system available in 180 and 300 Watt. This laser system guarantees unmatched performance in speed and effectiveness. Depending...

Surgical for urological surgery CERALAS® DUAL Biolitec

The EVOLVE™ DUAL from Biolitec provides fast and total vaporization of prostatic tissue. The EVOLVE™ DUAL is efficient and safe; it is also the world’s first Dual Wavelength Urology...

video Biolitec LHP
Surgical diode for proctological surgery LHP Biolitec

The product LHP is used for treating gently high-grade hemorrhoids. It has made possible to treat second to forth degree hemorrhoids painlessly. LHP irradiates the hemorrhoids from inside and shrunks...

Biolitec FILAC
Surgical diode for proctological surgery FILAC Biolitec

For the removal of the fistula track, Filac (Fistula-tract Laser Closure) provides an option for curing of fistulas with minimum invasion by the use of radial laser radiation by prevention of rupture...

video Biolitec HELP™
Surgical diode for proctological surgery HELP™ Biolitec

Painful hemorrhoids can be treated painlessly with the new outpatient technique called the HeLP™ equipment. The patient experiences minimum discomfort and pain. This kit makes the treatment fast...

6 products NIDEK
Ophthalmic solidstate for retinal photocoagulation MC-500 NIDEK

Multicolor on modular architecture, triple emission mode...

Ophthalmic solidstate for retinal photocoagulation GYC-1000 NIDEK

Featuring a compact and lightweight body, the Green Laser Photocoagulator provides intelligent fan control and digital wave control. It is extremely quite during operation and is easy to use. Additionally,...

Ophthalmic NdYAG for posterior capsulotomy and iridotomy YC-1800 NIDEK

High operability with multi-functional Smart Switch on joystick and a rapid repetition rate with unique...

Ophthalmic excimer for ophtalmic refractive surgery QUEST NIDEK

1 KHz Eye Tracking System (ETS) used for fast and exact alignment, cylinder...

Ophthalmic excimer for ophtalmic refractive surgery EC-5000CX III NIDEK

The 200 Hz Eye Tracking System (ETS) performs Torsion Error...

6 products Alcon
Alcon LENSX®
Ophthalmic femtosecond solidstate for cataract surgery LENSX® Alcon

The LenSX Laser brings cutting-edge technology to cataract surgery. It signifies a leap forward in...

Alcon WaveLight® EX500
Ophthalmic excimer for ophtalmic refractive surgery WaveLight® EX500 Alcon

The WaveLight® Refractive Suite is designed with advanced technology to provide fast and accurate results. It is the quickest refractive surgery platform present in U.S. The only available excimer...

Alcon WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q
Ophthalmic excimer for ophtalmic refractive surgery WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Alcon

The WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser is developed to facilitate the lasik or laser vision correction. The device is made using proven WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser technology...

Vitreous cutter and ophthalmic solidstate for vitreoretinal surgery and for retinal photocoagulation CONSTELLATION® Alcon

As far as vision systems go, the CONSTELLATION offered by Alcon delivers an impressive amount of performance through its advanced design and capabilities. It’s a...

Alcon 532 nm | PUREPOINT®
Ophthalmic diode for retinal photocoagulation 532 nm | PUREPOINT® Alcon

Get all of the laser command you want with the PUREPOINT Laser device. It offers a wide range of voice...

Alcon WaveLight® FS200
Ophthalmic femtosecond solidstate for corneal flap creation WaveLight® FS200 Alcon

Surgeons can get the opportunity to expand their treatment by using The WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser. It offers variable side-cut angles, changeable hinge...

video Sirona Dental Systems SIROLaser
Dental for dental surgery SIROLaser Sirona Dental Systems

Laser therapy should now be a standard feature of a modern dental practice due to the number of advantages. It means state-of-the-art dentistry and modern patient...

video Sirona Dental Systems SIROInspect
Fluorescence carie detector SIROInspect Sirona Dental Systems

With the product SIROInspect, it is possible to monitor caries safely and reliably. Now it is easy to take the right decision regarding caries excavation. SIROInspect,...

22 products Cynosure
Cynosure 1064 nm | Acclaim™
Dermatology NdYAG 1064 nm | Acclaim™ Cynosure

To provide our customers with the highest possible quality Cynosure has opted to provide our clients with two stand alone products in the Elite’s dual-wavelength functionality line, these are the Acclaim...

Cynosure 755 nm | Accolade™
Dermatology alexandrite 755 nm | Accolade™ Cynosure

The Accolade by CynoSure is a high-powered lesion and tattoo removal laser workstation. The Q-switched laser pulses are delivered through a flexible fiber system which allows fast and accurate treatment...

Cynosure 1440, 1320 nm | Affirm™
Dermatology NdYAG for skin rejuvenation 1440, 1320 nm | Affirm™ Cynosure

Rejuvenate your skin and look years younger with this Affirm Anti-Aging laser system. The workstation features scar treatment, wrinkle reduction, redness and pigment reduction, facial rejuvenation, treatment...

Cynosure 755 nm | Apogee®
Dermatology alexandrite 755 nm | Apogee® Cynosure

With the innovative world-class product released by Cynosure, it is now more than easy to remove hair and spider veins. This method of laser hair removal is extremely...

Cynosure 1440 nm | Cellulaze™
Dermatology NdYAG for anticellulite treatment 1440 nm | Cellulaze™ Cynosure

Traditionally cellulite treatments have been conducted from the surface of the skin, which is not where the problems lie. The Cellulite Cellulaze Laser Workstation, with its Bd:YAG 1440...

BTL International BTL-5110
Portable biostimulation BTL-5110 BTL International

The BTL-5110 1-Channel Laser provides cost-effective low-level laser treatments, recommended for use in various medical fields such as rehabilitation, dermatology, gynecology, ENT, sports medicine, etc. It...

BTL International BTL-4110 Topline
Portable biostimulation BTL-4110 Topline BTL International

1-channel Laser Save your time: treat large areas by high-powered BTL laser clusters (up to 1800mW) Wide choice of BTL laser probes (up to 400mW) for superficial and deep tissue layers 2 outputs for...

BTL International BTL-4110 Professional
Portable biostimulation BTL-4110 Professional BTL International

The 1-channel Laser therapeutic encyclopedia has predetermined protocols, owing to decades of medical research. Large regions are diagnosed by BTL laser clusters (till 1800mW) of high power. A broad range...

BTL International BTL-5825SL Combi
Biostimulation ultrasound and TENS/EMS electrical stimulator BTL-5825SL Combi BTL International

The BTL-5825SL Combi is a two-channel electrotherapy unit that allows additional currents, one as ultrasound and another as a laser. The unit has ergonomically shaped ultrasound heads designed...

BTL International BTL-5820SL Combi
Biostimulation ultrasound and TENS/EMS electrical stimulator BTL-5820SL Combi BTL International

Combined electrotherapy, ultrasound and laser therapy unit with built-in touch screen making it easy to use and comfortable to operate. This device offers three different therapies in one unit, and can...

BTL International BTL-5818SLM Combi
Ultrasound electrical stimulator magnetic field generator and biostimulation BTL-5818SLM Combi BTL International

This 1-channel Inferential Electrotherapy has currents such as Ultrasound, Laser & Magnetotherapy. It is ergonomically shaped ultrasound heads are made to make therapy application more comfortable....

video Zimmer MedizinSysteme  OptonPro
Biostimulation OptonPro Zimmer MedizinSysteme

In a nutshell, the OptonPro is a highly effective device for laser therapy of up to 7000 mW with easy operation at the push of a button. It offers...

2 products Direx
Direx Themis
Surgical HoYAG for urological surgery lithotripsy Themis Direx

Themis is a 30W Holmium Laser with unique "Protect" fiber technology. High standards have been set with intracorporeal stone fragmentation and various soft tissue procedures. The "Protect"...

Direx 2100 SMART PLUS
Surgical HoYAG for lithotripsy 2100 SMART PLUS Direx

The Smart2100 Plus laser is useful for urological treatments and is ideal with a minimal amount of invasive procedures to make it work right. It works right for patients with a holmium laser that...

4 products Richard Wolf
video Richard Wolf MegaPulse 30+
Surgical HoYAG for lithotripsy MegaPulse 30+ Richard Wolf

The Megapulse desktop 30+ is a perfect solutio to provide optimum desktop power. The efficiency of the therapy...

video Richard Wolf GreenLEP
Endoscope cystoscope GreenLEP Richard Wolf

GreenLightTM PV (80 watt) and HPS 8120 watt) systems are capable of providing superior hemostatic and ablative properties by way of a 532 nm wavelength. The GreenLight laser vaporization of...

video Richard Wolf GREENLEP
Endoscope rigid cystoresectoscope GREENLEP Richard Wolf

The Holmium laser (2140 nm) enucleation of the prostate has the ability to remove the entire adenoma endoscopically...

video Richard Wolf THE COBRA
Endoscope semiflexible ureteronephroscope with two working channels THE COBRA Richard Wolf

Laser lithotripsy has previously been a form of therapy that was not only complicated but also time consuming. Richard Wolf decided to look into these issues and to take on the challenge of making them...

14 products GIGAA LASER
video GIGAA LASER 10w, 980nm | CHEESE
Dental diode 10w, 980nm | CHEESE GIGAA LASER

The CHEESE is a top-class dental laser system designed for soft tissue work. It’s provided by GIGAA laser and appreciated by dentists....

Dermatology diode for treatment of vascular lesions VELAS™ GIGAA LASER

The product, The VELAS series from GIGAA LASER is a surgical diode laser system that runs in the various powers of 15W, 30W and 601W. A comprehensive range of choices are available that meet the different...

Portable biostimulation GBOX HLPT GIGAA LASER

Laser therapy is useful in reducing the pain felt in joints, and curbing inflammations. High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) is extremely useful...

Handheld dental IPen GIGAA LASER

Brought to you by GIGAA and claimed to be the smallest dental laser of their lineup, this...

Surgical diode for ENT surgery VELAS™ GIGAA LASER

The VELAS GIGAA Laser works in a variety of ways to address different clinic requirements. The VELAS...

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