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A washer-disinfector, as its name suggests, is a machine for the disinfection of medical material.


These devices disinfect non-invasive items in preparation for subsequent reuse. In addition, they are frequently employed for the preparation of surgical instruments and other material for autoclave sterilization. This is because autoclaving requires thorough preliminary cleaning to be effective. Some machines are designed to disinfect certain types of instruments, such as endoscopes.


Today, such machines use either steam or ultrasound disinfection. There are both compact models requiring little storage space and high-capacity types suitable for large hospitals.

How to choose

Choice will depend primarily on the degree of disinfection desired, maximum load size and the amount of storage space the machine requires.

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5 products Tuttnauer
Tuttnauer TIVA 750, 800
TIVA 750, 800 Tuttnauer

"The Tiva 750 / Tiva 800 washer-disinfectors have automatic doors as part of a complex system that suits processing needs of a CSSD. It has two washing pumps that are installed vertically for efficient...

Tuttnauer TIVA 900, 1000
TIVA 900, 1000 Tuttnauer

It is the largest Tiva Washer-Disinfector available. It is designed to accommodate the needs of a central sterile supply department or CSSD. It has sliding doors that are fully automatic and permit loading...

Tuttnauer 200 l | Tiva 600
With steam generator water softening dosing pump 200 l | Tiva 600 Tuttnauer

The Tiva 600 is a 200L chamber with eight DIN baskets and can be used for many dental functions. It can wash, dry and disinfect all sorts of instruments. It uses a washing system...

Tuttnauer 250 l | Tiva 610
With steam generator water softening dosing pump 250 l | Tiva 610 Tuttnauer

The TIVA 610 is a cost-effective washer that features low water and energy consumption. Using together a number of double-door TIVA 610 washers is an excellent solution for hospitals that need to wash...

Tuttnauer 171 l | Tiva 500, Tiva 500C
With steam generator water softening dosing pump 171 l | Tiva 500, Tiva 500C Tuttnauer

The Tiva 500 series washer disinfector finds its ideal application in medical centers to carry out the disinfection process of a large range of surgical instruments.It consists of 8 DIN baskets and 171...

21 products Steelco
Steelco TW 3000/3 /4 /5
TW 3000/3 /4 /5 Steelco

This is a disinfecting machine that is made for handling many medical devices and other items for controls....

video Steelco ATS
High capacity ATS Steelco

This automated unit works for processing items with a shuttle loader that moves soiled items along and loads racks on their...

Steelco 500 l | DS 900, DS 1000 series
500 l | DS 900, DS 1000 series Steelco

This 18 DIN tray capacity machine is a large body disinfector from Steelco that can handle all sorts of CSSD needs. This is made with consistent testing standards in mind...

Steelco 350 l | DS 750, DS 800 series
350 l | DS 750, DS 800 series Steelco

Designed to meet the increasing reprocessing needs of CSSD, this washer disinfector is available in standard or Fast Cycle configurations, offers a saving cycle time and reaching higher levels of energy...

Steelco 93 °C, 350 l | DS 650/700
With hot air dryer 93 °C, 350 l | DS 650/700 Steelco

The Steelco-DS700 DS650 washer-disinfector grants consistently tested and efficient washing-disinfecting performances thanks to a new washing system technology made by two vertically installed washing...

Steelco 93 °C, 171 l | DS 500 SC
Compact automatic 93 °C, 171 l | DS 500 SC Steelco

The DC 500 SC is made with a washing injection process that works with disinfection procedures and uses a setup that is similar to what works in CSSD equipment. This makes it easier for...

Getinge Infection Control WD14 TABLO
Compact automatic WD14 TABLO Getinge Infection Control

WD14 TABLO is a reliable and completely automated tabletop washer-disinfector that highlights advanced design with multifunctional washing features and is in accordance with all relevant...

Getinge Infection Control WD15 CLARO
WD15 CLARO Getinge Infection Control

Getinge WD15 Claro provides unique cleaning with efficient media and power utilization. 6 DIN-trays can be loaded at a same time. The device can function easily and contains doors made of glass for visual...

Getinge Infection Control Getinge 46-series + 8-10 pl
Compact automatic Getinge 46-series + 8-10 pl Getinge Infection Control

Getinge 46-series of washer-disinfectors combine hygienic and ergonomic solutions with the latest technology for maximum user safety – including built-in alarms....

Getinge Infection Control 46-4, 46-5  + 8-10 pl
Compact automatic 46-4, 46-5 + 8-10 pl Getinge Infection Control

Medical environs are kept clean by the exceptional cleaning power of the Getinge 46-series, the double action of the unit provides maximum cleaning and drying at the same time. This...

Getinge Infection Control 86-SERIES + 5-6 pl
High capacity for trolleys 86-SERIES + 5-6 pl Getinge Infection Control

The Getinge 86-series washer-disinfectors ensure reliable, effective cleaning and disinfection of reusable surgical instruments and utensils in central sterile supply departments, while securing high...

Getinge Infection Control 88 TURBO + 15 pl
High capacity and short cycle for trolleys 88 TURBO + 15 pl Getinge Infection Control

The product has got high throughput with outstanding loading capacity of 15 DIN-trays, supports convenient and safe loading. It can handle numerous goods and has automatic drying sensor. Getinge 88...

1 products MELAG
Compact automatic EN 15883 - MELATHERM MELAG

The product has a active drying and the operating time is short. The MELAtherm10 is a washer disinfector which fulfills the requirements of the EN 15883 European Standard.It is...

Antonio Matachana  170 L | LAB 600
With hot air dryer 170 L | LAB 600 Antonio Matachana

Created by Matachana, the Washer Disinfector LAB 500 is perfect for clinical setting use. It has a cylindrical washing chamber, filters, and washing arms that...

Antonio Matachana  LAB 680
With hot air dryer LAB 680 Antonio Matachana

The Thermal Washer Disinfector LAB 680 has external dimensions of 1140 x 915 x 2000 mm and chamber dimensions of 810 x 710 x 1050 mm (width-depth-height)....

Antonio Matachana  LAB 1000
With automatic door LAB 1000 Antonio Matachana

The Thermal Washer Disinfector LAB 1000 has external dimensions of 1140 x 915 x 1900 mm and chamber dimensions of 710 x 810 x 900 mm (width-depth-height). The Thermal Washer...

9 products STERIS
With automatic door AMSCO® 3052 STERIS

The AMSCO® 3052 Single Chamber Washer Disinfector helps in efficient and dependable cleaning. It comes at a very affordable price. It has a superior cleaning power with a total...

With automatic door AMSCO® 5052 STERIS

The AMSCO® 5052 Single Chamber Washer Disinfector meets all your department needs. It has a superior cleaning power with a total coverage spray pattern which helps in efficiently cleaning and...

STERIS Reliance® Genfore™
With automatic door Reliance® Genfore™ STERIS

The Reliance® Genfore™ is a washer cum disinfector that helps in boosting workflow and productivity and reducing utility consumption. It was developed to provide enhanced productivity, lower...

video STERIS Reliance® Synergy™
With automatic door Reliance® Synergy™ STERIS

The requirement of the ambulatory surgery centers and hospital CSSD,s is met by the product which is designed with advanced technology. The product provides efficient performances with minimal consumption...

video STERIS Reliance® Vision
With hot air dryer Reliance® Vision STERIS

Reliance® Vision Single Chamber Washer/disinfector is sterile processing departments which are challenged with achieving higher productivity levels than ever before. As a result, customers need a...

video STERIS Vision 1321/1327
With automatic door Vision 1321/1327 STERIS

Vision 1321/1327, is Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector highlighting higher production and greater intuitiveness. With an exceptional cycle speed of 10 minutes, it can process more number of carts in...

Miele & Cie. KG 23.5
23.5" | G 7883 Miele & Cie. KG

This washer-disinfector has large capacity and programmed for shorter period to process analytically the laboratory glassware. This is widely used in industrial applications...

Miele & Cie. KG 23.5
23.5" | G 7883 AE, G 7893 Miele & Cie. KG

G 7883 white casing G 7883 white casing has a key features Large capacity cleaner-disinfector with short programme durations for processing analytically clean laboratory glassware, e.g. In industrial...

Miele & Cie. KG 35.5
With hot air dryer 35.5" | G 7883 CD Miele & Cie. KG

The Laboratory Glassware Washer comes with drawer for containing 2 liquid agents and a hot air drying unit. Used for the processing of laboratory glassware for research labs and...

Miele & Cie. KG 23.5
For surgical instruments and anesthetic equipment 23.5" | G 7889 Miele & Cie. KG

The G 7889 Washer-Disinfector is intended for cleaning and intermediate-level disinfection of hard-surfaced surgical instruments prior to sterilization. All critical parameters for cleaning and intermediate-level...

Miele & Cie. KG 23.5
For surgical instruments and anesthetic equipment 23.5" | G 7899 Miele & Cie. KG

The product is used for cleaning and disinfection of surgical equipment of hard surfaces before sterilization. The monitoring and documentation of the parameters for intermediate-level disinfection and...

new Belimed Deutschland   WD 150
Compact automatic WD 150 Belimed Deutschland

For use in medical practices, laboratory fields, and hospitals, the WD 150 is an automatic washer-disinfector. It offers outstanding cleaning performance due to excellent quality of...

new Belimed Deutschland   CS 750
High capacity with automatic door CS 750 Belimed Deutschland

Belimed presents the new CLEANSYSTEM (CS) 750 system, accessible at floor level, for cleaning, disinfection and drying of transport carts, containers, OR shoes, OR tables and beds. The new construction...

Belimed Deutschland   WD 290
WD 290 Belimed Deutschland

WD 290 has gratitude to high machine capacity and flexible automation options. WD 290 is the right elite for the well-organized reprocessing of...

Belimed Deutschland   WD250
WD250 Belimed Deutschland

The WD250 meets your small space requirements, as well as sterilizing needs in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. This sterilizer features the double...

3 products Laoken
24 products AT-OS
1 products MEIKO
1 products Sercon
15 products Discher Technik
7 products SMEG
For surgical instruments and anesthetic equipment WD3060 SMEG

The WD 3060 Thermal Disinfection unit by Smeg Instruments is ideal for disinfecting a large...

With manual closing WD5090FO SMEG

Enjoy storage space for detergents,...

With manual closing WD7000 SMEG

This double glass door...

With hot air dryer WD4060 SMEG

This washer and disinfector was created for...

4 products BMM Weston
For surgical instruments and anesthetic equipment B-RANGEPLUS BMM Weston

New B-rangeplus comes with these new models which gives the fastest washing cycle in the BMM washer /disinfector range. Models:BPlus10-S - BPlus10-E - BPlus10-D - BPlus10D-S - BPlus10D-E - BPlus10D-D B-rangeplus...

Compact automatic B-RANGESL BMM Weston

The new B rangeSL instant all of the quality and processing capabilities of the standard B range washer/disinfector in a much slimmer unit. Models are now available in BSL10 S BSL10 E BSL10 D BSL10D S...

Compact for surgical instruments and anesthetic equipment A-RANGE BMM Weston

The A-range washer / disinfector / dryers are the ideal choice for today’s Dental and small laboratory installations. Flexible and versatile, the A-range brings advanced levels of washing, disinfection...

Compact automatic B-RANGE BMM Weston

The B-range is comprised of the popular washer/disinfector/dryer technology. It features 16 fully adjustable programs with 6 washing levels. Visibility is enhanced due to the...

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