Medical washer-disinfectors

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anesthesia equipment washer-disinfector / for surgical instruments
anesthesia equipment washer-disinfector

compact washer-disinfector / front-loading / automatic
compact washer-disinfector
Panamatic XLC

The DLC Dolphin Panamatic XLC Range is a front-loading bedpan washer that features a more compact design than the other washers that make up the DLC Dolphin product line. The Panamatic XLC Range features ...

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DDC Dolphin
laboratory washer-disinfector / floor-standing / front-loading / automatic
laboratory washer-disinfector

Capacity: 287 l - 414 l

Bound for hospital or laboratory use with drying unit prepared for desired parameter programming (phases, time and temperature). Equipments have automatic cleanliness mode, hot water disinfection and drying system for ...

endoscope washer-disinfector / reprocessing / automatic
endoscope washer-disinfector
SEB 1000

An accurate endoscope pre-wash system has a significant effect on reprocessing. SEB 1000 is a system of automatic support of the washing phases for the reprocessing of the flexible endoscope complete with traceability. Controlled ...

endoscope washer-disinfector / mobile / automatic
endoscope washer-disinfector

... Disinfection Hemotech (ED7001) is a smart, full automatic endoscope washer and disinfector, designed for user’s easy operation, convenient maintenance at university, general hospital ...

endoscope washer-disinfector / reprocessing / floor-standing / top-loading
endoscope washer-disinfector
System 83 Plus™ 2

Single Chamber Ultrasonic Washer/Disinfector for Reprocessing One to Two Flexible Endoscopes Duodenoscopes validated for reprocessing in the System 83 Plus-Olympus Model TJF-Q180V and Pentax Model ...

floor-standing washer-disinfector
floor-standing washer-disinfector

... Instrument Washer We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of optimum quality Instrument Washer. The offered washers are used for the purpose of effective cleaning ...

automatic washer-disinfector / with hot air dryer
automatic washer-disinfector

Capacity: 9 l

floor-standing washer-disinfector / built-in / high-capacity
floor-standing washer-disinfector

... LAN connection available (optional) n. 2 sliding full glass doors with vertical sliding system not exceeding the washer-disinfector overall size electronic interlocked door with drop safe system ...

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endoscope washer-disinfector / floor-standing / automatic / top-loading
endoscope washer-disinfector
MO-MOON-RIDER-50/60 Series

Capacity: 25, 20 l

The Moon-Rider endoscope washer disinfector Moon-Rider endoscope washer-disinfector professional automatic disinfection equipment which is developed according to the ...

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Moonmed Group
floor-standing washer-disinfector
floor-standing washer-disinfector

floor-standing washer-disinfector / automatic / top-loading
floor-standing washer-disinfector

Capacity: 95 l

... Model 610 is our next generation high level disinfection system and is engineered to out-perform all other HLD washer/high level disinfectors on the market. If you want an efficient, intelligent, and ...

laboratory washer-disinfector / dental / floor-standing / compact
laboratory washer-disinfector

Capacity: 151 l

... dental instruments, medical shoes, instruments for minimally invasive surgery, feeding bottles and laboratory glassware. Available in a single-door version. Advantages of DGM ES 50: Universal: ideal for processing ...

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DGM Pharma-Apparate Handel
compact washer-disinfector / high-capacity / front-loading
compact washer-disinfector

The D4 is a compact washer disinfector with double doors from Franke. It offers exceptional cleaning and disinfecting performance, reliability, top quality, and an attractive design in a compact model. ...

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endoscope washer-disinfector / mobile / automatic / top-loading
endoscope washer-disinfector

Choyang CYW-DUO Endoscope Washer & Disinfector offers all features necessary to provide triple protection – protecting patients, protecting operators, and protecting high-priced flexible endoscopes: CYW-DUO ...

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Choyang Medical Industry
floor-standing washer-disinfector / front-loading / automatic / with water softening dosing pump
floor-standing washer-disinfector
Teksteril TSY 360

Model Teksteril TSY 360 Capacity Large Door Type Vertical opening, heat proof, tempered glass door(s) Chamber Volume 360 Liter, 15 DIN 1/1 baskets Standart Power 400 V / 3L + N + PE / 50 Hz Electrical Power 12 kW / 20 A Chamber Dimensions(WHD) ...

endoscope washer-disinfector / floor-standing / front-loading / automatic
endoscope washer-disinfector

... effective sterilization process that will be of utter importance to architects and hospital managers for infection control, occupational health, endoscopy managers, clinical nurses, surgeons and doctors ...

surgical instrument washer-disinfector / floor-standing / front-loading
surgical instrument washer-disinfector

... thermo-disinfection system responds in an integrated and flexible way to the washing and disinfection requirements of the instruments and medical accessories. It fully complies with stringent hygiene requirements of ...

automatic washer-disinfector
automatic washer-disinfector

... are automatic and pre-programmable. Lubrication can be executed at this stage. A command panel with a sensitive membrane keyboard is optional*

washer-disinfector with automatic door
washer-disinfector with automatic door

Cleaning detergent series Neutral multi-enzyme detergent This neutral and low foaming detergent is applicable for many kinds ot instruments to remove al organic contaminant. Alka|ic multi-enzyme detergent This low-alkaline has special ...

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Shinva Medical Instrument
dental washer-disinfector / compact
dental washer-disinfector
HD 450 Basic

... Basic is a washer-disinfector (WD), built according to the DIN EN ISO 15883-1 / 2. Its compact design can be easily integrated the HD 450 Basic in every practice in the Hygiene cycle and is therefore ...

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IC Medical GmbH
compact washer-disinfector / top-loading / automatic
compact washer-disinfector

Hydriade is the first automatic pre-sterilization system. Designed for use with all specialties, Hydriade 4-in-1 performs all the major preparation phases for the sterilization cycle: DESINFECTION | ULTRASONIC WASHING ...

endoscope washer-disinfector / for surgical instruments / for dental instruments / for glassware
endoscope washer-disinfector

... cycle in developing machine in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of medical devices for repeated treatment. Scope – clinical diagnostic, clinical laboratory clinics, ...

endoscope washer-disinfector / floor-standing / top-loading
endoscope washer-disinfector

Remove pollutants for all parts by ultrasonic cleaning, then, residual pollutants can be removed by high pressure cleaning thoroughly, without any damage to the endoscopes.