Multi-rotor laboratory centrifuges

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Thermo Scientific 15200 rpm | Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1
15200 rpm | Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1 Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific* Heraeus Multifuge X1 centrifuge offers the latest in technology when it comes to centrifugal processing. The features that make the system stand apart from its competitors...

1 products AccuBioTech
AccuBioTech   5000 rpm | ABC-K5Z
5000 rpm | ABC-K5Z AccuBioTech

INTRODUCTION OF PRODUCT ABC-K5Z is a microprocessor controlled and low speed multiple-application centrifuge. Machine is simple, small volume, low noise, and small temperature rise. This centrifuge is...

1 products Auxilab S.L.
Auxilab S.L. 18000 rpm | Nahita 2718
18000 rpm | Nahita 2718 Auxilab S.L.

Specifications Ref.: 52718000 Automatic adjustment speed depending on rotor Equipped with strong...

Vision Scientific Co.,Ltd 10000 rpm | VS-6000CFI
10000 rpm | VS-6000CFI Vision Scientific Co.,Ltd

ㆍModel : VS-6000CFi ㆍMicroprocessor Control ㆍNoiseless Inverter...

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