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1 products Jenway
Jenway PFP7/C
Laboratory flame photometer PFP7/C Jenway

The PFP7/C single channel flame photometer uses low temperatures and is designed specifically for clinical application...

1 products Mindray
Mindray BA-88A
BA-88A Mindray

This Chemistry Analyzer is semi auto clinical and semi-automatic. Besides a TFT touch screen of 7 inches, it has multi-language operation...

erba diagnostics Mannheim   Chemtouch
Compact Chemtouch erba diagnostics Mannheim

Chemtouch is modern clinical chemistry analyzer and is semi automated. It is having touch screen interface contributing excellent performance. It can have 5 reporting formats which help in making reports...

erba diagnostics Mannheim   340 - 670 nm | Chem 7
340 - 670 nm | Chem 7 erba diagnostics Mannheim

The Erba Chem 7 is the new generation Clinical Chemistry analyser, designed compactly. It is suitable for small to medium sized laboratories so that the reporting...

erba diagnostics Mannheim   340 - 630 nm | Chem 5 v3
340 - 630 nm | Chem 5 v3 erba diagnostics Mannheim

Erba Chem 5v3 is an open system clinical chemistry analyzer that has 9 analytical modes along with absorbance, linear & nonlinear calculations...

2 products ELITech Group
ELITech Group  EON ONE
Compact EON ONE ELITech Group

The EON One is a semi-automated clinical chemistry system and one of the most advanced available on the market. All test parameters are programmable with the option to load manually or using the USB port....

ELITech Group  MICROLAB 300
Compact MICROLAB 300 ELITech Group

The Microlab 300 is a compact and easy to use semi-automated chemical analyzer that is offered by the ELItech Group. The operating center incorporates a superior, temperature-controlled optical design...

Biochemical Systems International   CLIN CHECK PLUS
CLIN CHECK PLUS Biochemical Systems International

The Clin Check Plus is an analyzer for basic clinical chemistry. The laboratory photometer has 6 interferential filters and 2 positions in the 37ºC incubator. Up to 40 tests can...

Biochemical Systems International   3000 EVOLUTION
3000 EVOLUTION Biochemical Systems International

BSI’s 3000 EVOLUTION is the new semi-automatic laboratory analyzer for clinical Chemistry tests. It has a semi-automatic photometer for up to 120 different test programs...

Biochemical Systems International   2000 EVOLUTION
2000 EVOLUTION Biochemical Systems International

The 2000 Evolution analyzer works as a quality photometer that works with many microprocessors to function it all properly and with ease. This can work with measurements in a series of parameters that...

Biochemical Systems International   MAP LAB PLUS
MAP LAB PLUS Biochemical Systems International

This semi-automatic analyzer works with standard cuvettes and flow cells while also supporting Latex, EIA and ELISA strips....

Biochemical Systems International   VET EVOLUTION
Semi-automatic veterinary biochemistry analyzer VET EVOLUTION Biochemical Systems International

This completely programmable veterinary analyzer is for clinical chemistry and hematology...

Biochemical Systems International   CLIN CHECK PLUS
Semi-automatic veterinary biochemistry analyzer CLIN CHECK PLUS Biochemical Systems International

This lab photometer lets you program as many as 40 tests and then recall them with your...

Crony Instruments  JOLLY 100
JOLLY 100 Crony Instruments

JOLLY 100 is an elegantly conjured up device for cost effectiveness. This PHOTOMETER has been particularly designed for clinical chemistry. Stylish software with graphical representation carries a new...

Crony Instruments  JOLLY 102
JOLLY 102 Crony Instruments

JOLLY 102 is an intelligent clinical chemical analyzer fitted with the most advanced software to provide dynamic, graphical representation of various applications like routine clinical...

Crony Instruments   JOLLY 103
JOLLY 103 Crony Instruments

Company Crony Instruments, known for superior quality products and excel in terms of reliability feature JOLLY 103, one of the latest and most innovative, smartly designed semi-automatic analyzer in order...

1 products SFRI

The product is a semi-automated biochemistry analyzer which has compact design and ensures high performance. For accurate results and greater productivity, it combines seven different methods...

4 products Callegari
video Callegari CR 3000
Compact CR 3000 Callegari

Highly considered to be the single most used Hemoglobin, HDL, cholesterol, and glucose reader in Europe, the CR 3000 claims to be the very first device for carrying out initial...

Callegari CR 3000 TG
Compact CR 3000 TG Callegari

The Cr 3000 TG is a professional and enhanced services for blood testing and...

Callegari Form Plus
Compact Form Plus Callegari

Oxidative stress is a negative condition which can lead to or accelerate the stress to a disease. The Form Plus/Form Ox Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Capacity Analyzer can check...

Callegari Form Ox
Compact Form Ox Callegari

Oxidative stress and free radicals testing gets easier with FORT (Free Oxygen Radicals Test) and FORD (Free Oxygen Radicals Defence): Antioxidant Capacity/Defence test....

Randox Laboratories RX Monza
For human and veterinary healthcare RX Monza Randox Laboratories

Designed for low volume testing, the RX Monza is a clinical chemistry analyzer that boasts a small footprint and is extremely flexible and reliable....

URIT Medical Electronic (Group)  URIT-810
URIT-810 URIT Medical Electronic (Group)

URIT- 810 Chemistry Analyzer Automated Chemistry Analyzer is used to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples quickly, with minimal human assistance. Specifications∶ - Analysis...

URIT Medical Electronic (Group)  URIT-800
URIT-800 URIT Medical Electronic (Group)

Analysis method can be endpoint, rate, two-point, single wavelength, dual wavelength, blank reagent, blank sample, and absorbency. Calculating method like single and dual-point calibration is also available....

URIT Medical Electronic (Group)  URIT-800Vet
Semi-automatic veterinary biochemistry analyzer URIT-800Vet URIT Medical Electronic (Group)

The URIT-800Vet Chemistry Analyzer is a veternarian’s companion equipment when checking out chem-works of animals. The unit is applicable for various animals with analysis...

Scil Animal Care Company scil Reflovet® Plus
Semi-automatic veterinary biochemistry analyzer scil Reflovet® Plus Scil Animal Care Company

The scil Reflovet® Plus clinical chemistry analyzer provides accurate and reliable results in only 2-3 minutes. Results are expedited thanks to the flexibility of the sample required - whole blood,...

4 products AccuBioTech
AccuBioTech   ABA-3
ABA-3 AccuBioTech

FEATURES Easy Windows operation system with mouse, large color LCD display Reagent open system supports flow cell and cuvette mode, close system on request Analytical modes include kinetic, fixed time,...

AccuBioTech   ABA-3 PLUS
ABA-3 PLUS AccuBioTech

FEATURES Easy Windows operation system with large touch-screen. Displays the reaction curve in real-time. Continuously adjustable grating, enhances the stability and reliability of result. Reagent-open...

AccuBioTech   ABA-1
ABA-1 AccuBioTech

INTRODUCTION OF ANALYZER ABA-1 is the newest Semi-auto analyzer in our company. The instrument is easy to use. It can store 72 tests parameters include 12 tests ready for developing. The programmed test...

AccuBioTech   ABA-1 PLUS
ABA-1 PLUS AccuBioTech

INTRODUCTION OF ANALYZER ABA-1 Plus is the latest semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer which is designed specially for clinical application , with unique optical structure, streamline appearance, customize...

AGD Biomedicals   AGD 405
AGD 405 AGD Biomedicals

Salient Features: * Used for in vitro biochemical investigations. * Automatic activation of stand-by mode when analyser is not in use. * Password protected programs to prevent misuse * Curve...

DIRUI Industrial  DR-7000D
DR-7000D DIRUI Industrial

> Optical system using the new interference filters. > High testing precision and...

Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences  RT-9200
RT-9200 Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences

The Rayto RT-9200 Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer provides efficient chem-work for your laboratory....

Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences  RT-1904C
RT-1904C Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences

The unique and exclusive features of this product: -LCD color display in large along with adjustable...

Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences  RT-9100
RT-9100 Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences

The RT-9100 Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer offers continuously adjustable grating with...

Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences  RT-9600
RT-9600 Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences

Grating is continuously adjustable at 1nm per step....

Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences  RT-9900
RT-9900 Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences

Its grating is continuously adjustable...

Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences  RT-1904CV
Semi-automatic veterinary biochemistry analyzer RT-1904CV Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences

RT-1904CV is a semi-automatic chemistry analyzer that supports up to 12 kinds of animals, 8 of which have already been pre-set while 4 can be added by the...

Landwind Medical LW B100C
LW B100C Landwind Medical

•End point ,kinetics, fixed time and absorbance •7 filters (340nm~630nm) + 1 free position •Reaction...

Landwind Medical LWB100
LWB100 Landwind Medical

•End point ,kinetics, fixed time and absorbance •8 filters (340nm~630nm) •Reaction...

SPAN Diagnostics Autochem 2011 Plus
Autochem 2011 Plus SPAN Diagnostics

Touch screen operation with color graphic display Direct access...

SPAN Diagnostics Autochem Nexgen
Autochem Nexgen SPAN Diagnostics

Triplicate cuvette system...

1 products BPC BioSed
BPC BioSed   Prime Evolution
Semi-automatic biochemistry and immunoturbidimetric assay analyzer Prime Evolution BPC BioSed

Semi automatic analyser for clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetry; up to 100 user programmable methods in non...

1 products Abaxis Europe
Abaxis Europe   Piccolo xpress
Compact Piccolo xpress Abaxis Europe

The Piccolo Xpress is a portable clinical chemistry system that can give accurate, on-site patient testing. Healthcare...


Evolving test panels for better diagnostic with 15 parameters ALP, ALT(GPT), Amylase, AST(GOT), Bun, Calcium,...

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