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Shoulder prostheses
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modular total shoulder prosthesis - Anatomical Shoulder™

The Anatomical Shoulder System allows the shoulder implant to be tailored to the patient's individual anatomy.

The modularity...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis - Anatomical Shoulder™

Product Description

With the Anatomical Shoulder System, and now with the innovative Anatomical Shoulder Inverse/Reverse System, Zimmer offers surgeons a complete...

cemented total shoulder prosthesis - Bigliani/Flatow®

Backed by the clinical and development expertise of shoulder surgeons, this shoulder system replicates as nearly as possible the natural mobility,...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis - Zimmer® Trabecular Metal™

Zimmer Trabecular Metal Technology. No other porous material so closely resembles the structure, function...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis / modular - Integra® Titan™

Integras Titan™ Reverse Shoulder System* is the newest evolutionary enhancement to the Titan™ Modular Shoulder System.

Redefining Modularity
The Integra® Titan™ Reverse Shoulder System complements the existing Titan™ Modular Shoulder portfolio. The unique press-fit reverse system has several prominent key features with each component systematically engineered...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis / cementless - Delta XTEND™

Delta Xtend™ Reverse Shoulder System focuses on external joints like shoulders as care device of Replacement / Reconstruction. This device is a sum of semi-constrained shoulder...

modular total shoulder prosthesis / inverted - GLOBAL® ADVANTAGE®

The GLOBAL® ADVANTAGE® Shoulder Arthroplasty System by DePuy is a third-generation system that builds upon the nearly two decade long...

total shoulder prosthesis - GLOBAL® FX

GLOBAL® FX is a Shoulder Fracture System developed specifically for humeral head fractures.
DePuy's GLOBAL® FX Shoulder Fracture...

total shoulder prosthesis - Epoca

The Epoca Shoulder Arthroplasty System consists of way outs for cure of arthritis of the shoulder joint, proximal humerus rupture and rotator clout arthropathy. The blueprint of the gears has been distinct during thorough study of the structure...

cemented total shoulder prosthesis - Glenoid

The Epoca shoulder prosthesis is used as a total or semi shoulder replacement. The Glenoid component has been manufactured to facilitate a conventional gleno-humeral range of motion. The beveled rim of the product enhances the articulation surface area while...

modular total shoulder prosthesis - Solar

The Solar Total Shoulder System is a completely modular system which allows any humeral component to be used with any...

modular total shoulder prosthesis - ReUnion HA

The ReUnion HA Fracture System is a revolutionary fracture stem design that combines innovative solutions with the heritage of Solar products.


cemented total shoulder prosthesis - Elite

The Elite Modular Total Shoulder (EMTS) is a total joint replacement prosthesis. It is ideally suited for a total, cemented or partial joint arthroplasty. The dimension of the humeral...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis / cementless - UNIC Fracture

Hemi-arthroplasty head with increased volume indicated in Cuff Tear Arthroplasty cases.

Whenever the...

cementless total shoulder prosthesis - UNIC

Materials :

Stem TA6V titanium alloy coated with Ti/HAC , standard ISO 5832 – 3
Helicoidal Glenoid base titanium alloy coated with HAC,...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis / cementless - UNIC Reverse

The reverse total shoulder (TSR) is indicated when both sides of the shoulder joint are worn out and associated to an extended and irreparable lesion of the rotator cuff. In this indication,...

cementless total shoulder prosthesis - UNIC Anatomic

The anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty (TSA) is indicated when both sides of the scapulo-humeral joint are worn out, and when the rotator cuff remains intact and with no sign of motricity defficiency. The TSA requires a good glenoid bone stock,...

revision total shoulder prosthesis - UNIC

The UNIC Revision humeral bases can be associated with any articular component of the UNIC system: anatomic,...

total shoulder prosthesis - OLYMPIA®

The OLYMPIA® Total Shoulder System uses three slots to accommodate...

cementless total shoulder prosthesis - Aequalis Ascend™

Tomier, the leader in shoulder arthroplasty, continues the product design evolution...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis - Aequalis™ Reversed II

From the experts in reversed shoulder technology comes the Reversed II system, with a new...

inverted total shoulder prosthesis - Aequalis™ Reversed

A New Choice for Complex Fractures

Successful hemiarthroplasty for fracture requires healing of the tuberosities. When this doesn’t occur, results are universally poor.1 An alternate solution in patients at risk for tuberosity healing, especially in the elderly, is the reversed prosthesis. A reversed shoulder system in these specific cases can...

cemented total shoulder prosthesis - Affiniti™

Product evolution has combined with an ease of use revolution to create the Affiniti® Shoulder System.
This new offering from Tornier leverages a unique...

cementless total shoulder prosthesis - Aequalis™

Pioneered on the philosophy of anatomical restoration of the shoulder, the...

cemented total shoulder prosthesis - SCULTRA II STANDARD

Modular with respect to the anatomy.

inverted total shoulder prosthesis - SCULTRA II REVERSE

Respect of the anatomic 135° angle.

Humeral inplant: 2 modular elements...

modular total shoulder prosthesis - ARROW

The ARROW system is a set of solutions that make it possible for surgeons to choose or review their choice of shoulder prosthesis in the peri-operative period.

During SOFCOT 2003, the ARROW system was the innovation of the...

modular total shoulder prosthesis - ARROW

Synicem Shoulder Spacer is a temporary implant meant to facilitate the treatment of infected shoulder prosthesis. The treatment is in two stages, in the first stage the infected prosthesis is removed...

trial total shoulder prosthesis - 882039

Synicem Trial Spacers sets consist of a number of Medical 316L stainless steel parts that resemble the actual implantable Knee, Hip and Shoulder...

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