modular shoulder prosthesis / revision / cemented or non-cemented



  • Shoulder prosthesis type:


  • Surgical application:


  • Fixation:

    cemented or non-cemented


The Biotech BP Total Shoulder System has been designed to take into account the latest advances in the evolution of prosthetic systems for shoulder replacement;
primary, revision, total or hemiarthroplasty and trauma prosthesis. The fenestration of the stem allows better healing of the tubercular fragments and hereby
provides the appropriate function of the rotator cuff. The Biotech BP Total Shoulder System is modular and incorporates a comprehensive range of implants, it
offers the unique feature of a posterior offset head which can be indexed to achieve maximal coverage of the cut humeral head surface and a large joint surface
area-These choices allow better restoration of normal humeral head shape and size, factors which are important in the tensioning of the soft tissues,
providing maximum possible function.
The System Comprises:
• 4 Humeral Stem sizes (6,8,10,12 mm) and 4 Revision Stems (6,8,10,12x190 mm) for use with and without bone cement
• Modular Heads of a 40x15mm and of 48mm spherical diameter in 5 head heights (17,20,22.25 & 28 mm)
• Cementless and Cemented Glenoid components.
The Biotech Shoulder System has been designed for implantation entirely without cement using a low profile screw anchored porous coated
shell with the option of a 3 mm liner.