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visualization software / reporting / diagnostic / for archiving
visualization software
Dopplex DR4

DR4 Software Package DR4 is a unique vascular reporting software package for use in conjunction with the Dopplex Ability, MD2 and MD200 Doppler units. It enables automated ABIs and Doppler vascular studies ...

management software / viewer / control / data logging
management software

Integrate data with OCEASOFT Cloud service View of overall system health View detailed sensor readings, history, and more CobaltView is a web application that enables you to control and monitor your Cobalt L3, Cobalt S3, and ...

image analysis software / data management / patient data management / patient report management
image analysis software

... a convenient and secure dermatology platform available anytime, anywhere. Compatible with numerous devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) dermatoscopes and several cameras, it allows health professionals and institutions ...

image analysis software / data management / patient data management / telehealth program management
image analysis software
Full Body Imaging/ Molematch / MoleMap

Full-Body Imaging (FBI) is the most advanced, web-based system for capturing and analysing full-body images, storing images of different body parts, and evaluating new or changing lesions. The FBI tool evaluates skin conditions, such ...

image analysis software / for skin diagnosis / sharing / for telemedicine
image analysis software
Dermengine tele-dermatology

Why use it? Tele-dermatology allows you to: Create a new form of revenue Connect with your patients anytime, anywhere Provide affordable care Reduce patient wait times Provide consultations to your colleagues DermEngine’s Tele-dermatology Take ...

automation assembly software / management / control / monitoring
automation assembly software
Ginolis Ginger Software

Ginger is a software platform designed specifically for desktop automation. The Ginger platform is an easy-to-use and scalable solution for desktop automation. While commercial products are in most cases too big for ...

3D viewing software / DICOM viewing / reporting / diagnostic
3D viewing software
MedDream VET

... unified and fast performing network. This is a powerful software for searching, viewing and processing DICOM images, signals and video files on various devices: computers, smart phones, tablets and so ...

medical image import software / DICOM converter / for DICOM files / for PACS
medical image import software

Try intuitive and easy DICOM converter. SendToPACS is a DICOM converter and a DICOM sender to PACS. Using this software, you can convert images and video files to DICOM and send to PACS: • BMP, PNG, TIF, JPG to DICOM • ...

PACS software / image analysis / 3D viewing / DICOM viewing
PACS software

... reliable way to search, view and analyze medical images, signals and video files on various devices: computers, smart phones, tablets and so forth. MedDream has a flexible and open integration interface to HIS / RIS / EMR.

alert management software / web-based / for tablet PC / for smartphones
alert management software
Abeona Care

... Alarm management (SOS, security perimeter breach, falls, signal loss, low-battery) Reports and statistics Bilingual software, English & French (Spanish and German coming soon)

patient data management software / billing / prescription / traceability
patient data management software
Athos™ Pharma

Athos™ Pharma is a Software suite designed by APD to control and manage the complexity of any Hospital Pharmacy, assisting both physicians and nurses in the prescription process in the different hospital units.

data management software / patient data management / medication management / patient report management
data management software
Athos™ Ucri

Athos™ Ucri is a software suite that integrates in a single platform all the clinical information of the Intensive Critical Units. Athos™ UCRI is a solution for the management of patient clinical data providing doctors ...

dental laboratory software / management / monitoring / CAD
dental laboratory software

THE LABORATORY IN YOUR HAND!DentLabSoft is an online platform that you can access from your phone, PC or tablet, anywhere and anytime. YOU TAKE CONTROL!Track, comment and add new files at each stage of ...

analysis software / simulation / for digital smile design / dental
analysis software
SmileMe Mirror, Imagine

ANALYSING THE SMILE The first part of the SmileMe Mirror interview is to analyse your patient’s smile. This analysis allows you to take the time needed to understand precisely what your patient is looking for, his expectations, needs ...

image analysis software / patient data management / visualization / monitoring
image analysis software
Amolab Suite

Amolab Suite by Amolab, is an user-friendly software application allowing the real time visualization and the monitoring of fetal progress in the birth canal. Amolab Suite is a user-friendly software ...

planning software / import / mock-up / for dental restorations
planning software
Intra Lynx

... workflow with Intra Lynx: from photography to the real check on the patient 1. Prepare a bi-dimensional project with the Software Smile Lynx to explain to the patient the treatment plan 2. Get his/her digital intra-oral ...

diabetes management software / web-based / for smartphones / for tablet PC
diabetes management software

The ESYSTA App allows you to use the ESYSTA Portal on your smartphone. Functions at a glance:Detailed day-by-day display of blood glucose, insulin and carbohydrate units Clear data evaluation / target range analysisFully automatic profile ...

visualization software / diagnostic / radiology / for tablet PC
visualization software
Ocean 2014

Get Into a Professional Flow Ocean 2014 is the diagnostic software to use with your RTI instrument. It displays all your measurements and waveforms gathered on an easy-to-read screen. Ocean suits everybody’s needs, it ...

DICOM viewing software / post-processing / for DICOM files / for PACS
DICOM viewing software

Anywhere Imaging : The power of a post-processing workstation available everywhere, without changing the PACS. Efficiency : Anywhere deploys the power of a post-processing workstation on all hospital's devices. The PACS is kept to ...

visualization software / treatment / vital sign telemonitoring / for intensive care
visualization software
QP-988P, QP-989P

ViTrac for LifeScope – anywhere, anytime High acute care work is characterized by wasting time on the corridors between care areas, office and other locations because point of care data cannot be viewed. Catch acute patient condition ...

document management software / printing / capture / sharing
document management software
HP Capture and Route

Easily and cost-effectively capture, manage, and route paper and electronic information. Organizations of all types are facing an overwhelming amount of paper and electronic information. HP Capture and Route, an HP JetAdvantage Workflow ...

printing software / for smartphones / for tablet PC
printing software
HP ePrint

... documents while on the go. A cloud-based service allows you to print lab results, reports, photos and more from your smartphone or tablet to any registered printer on your network. Print where healthcare delivery happens ...

diabetes management software / for tablet PC / for smartphones
diabetes management software

Now you can experience the simple touch-screen interface of our pumps using your smart phone or tablet.

scheduling software / patient data management / EMR / for tablet PC
scheduling software

Mobility is of increasing importance in today’s healthcare industry when providers need anywhere, anytime access to patient records. Continuously charting while going from room to room, Nextech allows physicians to efficiently access ...

patient data management software / dental / for tablet PC
patient data management software

Become a truly paperless dental practice. Clinipad Electronic Forms and Signatures removes the need for paper-forms in your dental practice, freeing up valuable storage space and reducing your administration. It allows patients to electronically ...

diagnostic software / test / ophthalmology / for tablet PC
diagnostic software
Chart2020, Chart2020 DUO

Chart2020 Visual Acuity Software Chart2020 Smart Docks™ – an unrivaled user experience. Visual acuity systems have come a long way since paper charts and projectors, and with new and advanced test strategies from Konan, ...