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Polymerase chain reactions (PCR) can be used to duplicate genome sequences in great number, whether DNA or RNA. The thermal cycler, or PCR machine automates this process.


These devices allow HIV and hepatitis B, C and D viruses to be detected. They are also capable of revealing the presence of GMOs and the diagnosis of leukemias, lymphomas and other diseases.


Most such machines rely on the Peltier effect to cool sample tubes. Some can perform PCR in real time.

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Principal selection factors are the amount of space required for the cycler and the maximum number of specimens it can handle.

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Thermo Scientific Arktik™
Arktik™ Thermo Scientific

The Arktik Thermal Cycler by Thermo Scientific is a flexible and reliable PCR instrument that is ideal for laboratory requirements. It offers a range of features, including interchangeable...

Thermo Scientific Piko™
Piko™ Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific* Piko Thermal Cycler delivers high performance with two times the speed and just half the size of regular thermal cyclers. This product is a highly efficient product in a very small...

video Thermo Scientific PikoReal™
Realtime PikoReal™ Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific PikoReal Real-Time PCR System is light and has an incredibly small footprint, making it ideal for use either with field applications or for personal use....

2 products Biomérieux
Biomérieux DiversiLab®
Automatic DNA analyzer DiversiLab® Biomérieux

BiMerieux makes the DiversiLab System that features a setup for microbial genotyping bacteria and fungi. This is all packaged carefully...

Biomérieux NucliSENS easyQ®
Realtime NucliSENS easyQ® Biomérieux

The NucliSENS EasyQ® Basic Kitis a complete CE marked kit for setting up real-time NASBA amplification assays Making Assay Development Easy Nucleic Acid (NA) amplification testing has become increasingly...

1 products BD

Available since 1999, the BD ProbeTec™ ET System is the first real-time DNA amplification assay for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC). Based on proprietary...

Applied Biosystems OPENARRAY®
OPENARRAY® Applied Biosystems

The OpenArray Real-Time PCR Instrument and AccuFill System can handle thousands of...

Applied Biosystems STEPONE™
STEPONE™ Applied Biosystems

This 48-well, low-throughput instrument is perfect for both experienced users and beginners. The StepOne...

Applied Biosystems 7300
Realtime 7300 Applied Biosystems

The 7300 Real-Time PCR System is an applied Biosystems which provides outstanding quality in a wallet...

Applied Biosystems 7500 - 7500 FAST
Realtime 7500 - 7500 FAST Applied Biosystems

The Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System is a powerful platform for labs requiring superior performance...

Applied Biosystems 7900HT FAST
Realtime 7900HT FAST Applied Biosystems

The 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System is the only real-time quantitative PCR system that combines 384-well plate compatibility with fully automated robotic loading. And the best feature is...

Applied Biosystems GENEAMP®
GENEAMP® Applied Biosystems

The GeneAmp PCR System 9700 works to amplify nucleic acids. It has a basic module and...

1 products DiaSorin
Realtime LIAISON® IAM DiaSorin

The LIAISON IAM performs isothermal nucleic acid amplification, data reduction and fluorescence...

5 products Techne
new Techne Prime Elite
Compact with gradient function Prime Elite Techne

The prime elite Thermal Cyclers is the new high tech networkable thermal cycler which comes equipped as a standard and boast the latest in features with include large colour touch screen, innovative front...

new video Techne PrimeQ
Peltiereffect realtime PrimeQ Techne

Allowing user flexibility in qPCR methods and research pursuits is the main goal of the the PrimeQ real-time PCR system. It provides an easy to use comprehensive...

Techne ³Prime
Peltiereffect ³Prime Techne

Techne Prime Thermal Cycler has been fully upgraded the thermal cyclers providing the greatest range of instruments available on the market from the personal...

Techne 3PrimeX, 3PrimeG
Peltiereffect with gradient function 3PrimeX, 3PrimeG Techne

3PrimeX Cyclers 3PRIMEX / 3PRIMEG has a design flexibility permit the unit to be upgraded to available gradient cycling capability. The 3PrimeX conveys all the features of the 3Prime instrument but with...

Techne Prime, PrimeG
Compact with gradient function Prime, PrimeG Techne

This thermal cycler offers users excellent flexibility, outstanding throughput, and high performance. Base models are able to be upgraded to gradient capabilities. A vast array of thermal blocks are offered...

4 products ESCO
ESCO Aeris™
Peltiereffect Aeris™ ESCO

Esco continues to innovate its line of thermal cyclers. Meet Aeris™, its 3rd generation offering. With the proven reliability of Swift Maxi and MaxPro Thermal Cyclers, its newly developed software...

ESCO Swift™ MiniPro
Compact Peltiereffect Swift™ MiniPro ESCO

Swift MiniPro Thermal Cycler is Esco’s 2nd generation desirable personal Thermal Cycler,with outstanding ramp rates of up to 5 °C, mading it one of the fastest personal thermal cyclers in the world...

ESCO Swift™ Spectrum 48
Peltiereffect realtime Swift™ Spectrum 48 ESCO

Swift Spectrum 48 Thermal Cycler is an advanced real-time thermal cycler, which uses PMT detection, diode activation, and a proprietary Peltier block design. It monitors the real-time progress...

ESCO Swift™ Spectrum 96
Peltiereffect realtime Swift™ Spectrum 96 ESCO

The Spectrum Real Time 96 is second generation platform, made by Esco. Three years in the making, this device is a quantitative real-time PCR but with new technological...

new Hangzhou Bioer Techonology   LINEGENE 9600
LINEGENE 9600 Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

Line-Gene 9600 is the newest product of Bioer’s Real-Time PCR detection system family. Based on Line-Gene family’s tradition, Line-Gene 9600 performs larger sample capacity,...

Hangzhou Bioer Techonology   LineGene I
LineGene I Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

Linegene I is a complete Real-time PCR detection system that can detect and...

Hangzhou Bioer Techonology   LINEGENE K
LINEGENE K Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

LineGene K is the newest system in bioer’s range of PCR Detection Systems. It features more advanced implementations of peltier and fiber optic technology and a new...

Hangzhou Bioer Techonology   XP
XP Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

XP Cycler is the revolutionized thermal cycler with matching with eight different interchangeable blocks, the instrument...

Hangzhou Bioer Techonology   GENE PRO
GENE PRO Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

GenePro Thermal Cycler is the latest generation of thermal cycler with multiple functions tailored by BIOER,with its powerful functions,Genepro guarantees the reliable and stable experimental result.the...

Hangzhou Bioer Techonology   LIFE TOUCH
LIFE TOUCH Hangzhou Bioer Techonology

With full support of Ferrotec,Bioer continuously develops high-tech products with international standards. With same technical characteristics of TC series, LifeTouch has advanced thermoelectric...

Daan Diagnostics DA 7600
DA 7600 Daan Diagnostics

Offering top-quality efficiency, the Real Time PCR Instrument from Daan Diagnostics gives excellent performance...

Daan Diagnostics SLAN
Peltiereffect SLAN Daan Diagnostics

The SLAN Real Time PCR Detection System is a fast and stable high sensitive photoelectric detector with no background noise. It has a highly-optimized filter combination to eliminate influence of cross...

2 products Auxilab S.L.
Auxilab S.L. Nahita MG 96+
Peltiereffect Nahita MG 96+ Auxilab S.L.

Specifications Ref.: 50604096 Used for temperature cycles for unleashing Polymerase chain...

Auxilab S.L. Nahita MG 96G
Peltiereffect with gradient function Nahita MG 96G Auxilab S.L.

Specifications Ref.: 50604196 Used for temperature cycles for unleashing Polymerase chain reactions...

5 products FALC

High performance Life express thermo-cycler, thermal ABS external structure easy programming and simple consulting display. Easy operating interface...


High performance Life express thermo-cycler, thermal ABS external structure easy programming and simple consulting display. Easy operating interface...

FALC E A4-9602
E A4-9602 FALC

Portable mini E thermal cycler, good precision hot cold combination, thermal ABS external...

FALC  E A4-2420
E A4-2420 FALC

Portable mini E thermal cycler, good precision hot cold combination, thermal ABS external...


Rotating mixer thermal cycler, combines mixing and temperature functions, thermal ABS external structure. Elevated temperature...

new Labnet International MultiGene™ OptiMax
Peltiereffect MultiGene™ OptiMax Labnet International

MultiGene™ Optimax Thermal has labnets multigene optimax thermal may be the solution youve been looking for. With traditional gradient thermal cyclers, labs were only able to choose temperatures...

Labnet International MultiGene™ Mini
Compact MultiGene™ Mini Labnet International

You will find Labnet’s Multigene Mini to be lightweight and compact while still offering the same features as larger thermal cyclers. It is economical at half the price of devices that are full size,...

1 products EuroClone
EuroClone peqSTAR Series
peqSTAR Series EuroClone

PeqSTAR is a high performance range of thermocyclers with PCR technology designed for the 21st century. The combination of high specification engineering and superior system control enable powerful,...

BIORON Diagnostics GmbH
Peltiereffect BIORON Diagnostics GmbH

The thermocycler has a processor controlled block with separately controlled peltier elements for extraordinary temperature homogeneity at high heating and cooling...

BIORON Diagnostics GmbH
Compact with gradient function BIORON Diagnostics GmbH

The first small format thermocycler with TFT touchscreen. 4 versions are available: Thermocycler compact, Thermocycler compact Gradient, Thermocycler compact Gradient with silver block. The Intersystem-Copy-Function...

video Spartan Bioscience Spartan RX
Spartan RX Spartan Bioscience

Background 1 in 3 people carry CYP2C19 mutations that can impair drug metabolism.1 15% of all prescribed drugs are metabolized by CYP2C19 enzymes2, including Plavix® (clopidogrel), Inderal®...

Spartan Bioscience Spartan DX-12
Spartan DX-12 Spartan Bioscience

Sample Capacity 12 wells PCR Modes 2-temperature or standard 3-temperature programs Detection Modes End-point Real-time (with appropriate license) Qualitative / Quantitative 2-channel...

1 products ALL-DIAG

The AmpliX® Amplification genetic Real Time enables the performance of Real-Time PCR with rapid cycling of up to 48 samples. Peltier technology is used by the system for the PCR...

1 products Cepheid
Cepheid  SmartCycler
Realtime SmartCycler Cepheid

Automated real-time PCR...

Seeuco Electronics Technology  PCR-25+ PCR
PCR-25+ PCR Seeuco Electronics Technology

Technology Peltier Block Capacity 0.2mlx25wells + 0.5mlx16wells Block Temperature Range 0°C ~ 99.9°C Block Heating Rate 3°C/s Block Cooling Rate 2°C/s Block Uniformity ≤...

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