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viewer software / data tracking / web-based
viewer software
LifeStream View

Enhanced visibility for ongoing status updates.LifeStream View makes it easy for healthcare providers, families and patients to track patient health anytime, anywhere. All you need is internet access.Care Providers can administer LifeStream ...

hematology software / management / traceability / validation
hematology software

... integrated, ergonomic software •Middleware and expert validation station with Multi site management capacities : patient’s results, Quality Controls, •Multi instrument connectivity, •TAT monitoring, remote access. •Complete ...

traceability software / management / for sterilization services
traceability software

MELAG is a company pioneering in the most precise method of professional documentation by releasing softwares that covers the whole batch of instrument treatment process. Batch clearance of different logged readings can ...

dental imaging software / traceability / sharing / management
dental imaging software

... be linked to most Practice Management Software and can be installed on the sharing devices on the clinic's computers as well as on a common centralised database. There is no need to use multiple imaging software ...

dental imaging software / traceability / acquisition
dental imaging software

Sopro Imaging software Digital imaging at your service Intuitive and multilingual software Simplified network integration Compatible with Management software packages Data base for ...

management software / for archiving / acquisition / sharing
management software

... KrüssLab laboratory software for measured value acquisition and evaluation. In addition to a central user administration, it also has the option of user-defined filtering, saving and archiving of measurement results. Our ...

data management software / medication management / control / acquisition
data management software
MedManager AutoInventory

... ward is held on a digital scale. Thanks to these scales being networked together through the intelligent MedManager software, you can discover the current inventory levels as well as the exact consumption of every ...

diabetes management software / image analysis / image enhancement / treatment plan evaluation
diabetes management software
EyeArt ®

... RETINOPATHY DETECTION AND GRADING PLATFORM (DR) EyeArt™ is a fully automated, CE marked DR screening software. EyeArt™ is an Artificial Intelligence software platform featuring cutting–edge image ...

patient data management software / billing / prescription / traceability
patient data management software
Athos™ Pharma

Athos™ Pharma is a Software suite designed by APD to control and manage the complexity of any Hospital Pharmacy, assisting both physicians and nurses in the prescription process in the different hospital units.

patient data management software / medication management / document management / for archiving
patient data management software
VisionHM MPR Care

VisionHM MPR archives all administrative and technical information produced in relation to a medical procedure. This information is stored in the form of objects related to storage classes more or less secure depending on the importance ...

radiology software / data management / planning / for archiving
radiology software
VisionHM MPR Radiology

management software / tracking / dental
management software

... practice management software helps you run your practice efficiently and effectively. It not only offers tight practice management and dental xray sensor integration, but also offers functionality that is simply not found ...

monitoring software / traceability / laboratory
monitoring software

SIRIUS lite is a single user software for simplified use (one server PC, one SPY RF ModeM and an unlimited number of SPY RF recorder).This Software allows you to: See all the measurement points at ...

analysis software / management / tracking / laboratory
analysis software

Introspect™ software How do you measure and improve efficiency of your liquid handling instruments today? Get unparalleled insights with a little introspection. Connect your lab automation today and get your Introspect ...

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sample analysis software / monitoring / traceability / for mass spectrometry
sample analysis software

... retesting. With the new MPX Software 2.0 your lab will: Save sample analysis time with automated carryover monitoring Increase sample capacity for extended—and unattended—operation Stay compliant with complete ...

management software / analysis / reporting / for equipment control
management software

LabX® software brings power to your lab bench with automated data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance. Moreoever, LabX can be connected to different laboratory instruments, which can be accessed ...

recording software / tracking / EMR / hospital
recording software
Tanita Health Ware™

Key Features Expand the capability of all Tanita professional products with outputs Provides custom data recording, tracking, and analysis Unlimited number of users Export feature to CSV format added, perfect for EMR integration Print ...

acquisition software / tracking / treatment / contour detection
acquisition software

Velocity™ software brings all imaging scans and treatment information together into a consolidated view for faster, more informed decisions. Velocity is built on insight into clinical workflows and designed to make complex ...

tracking software / management / for blood transfusion centers
tracking software
Donor Doc®

Donor Doc is software with a questionnaire, which is created to track the health history of an individual. This software is devised to assist the donor centers to analyze the suitability of the blood ...

management software / sharing / capture / traceability
management software

ORBIS functionalities at the patient’s bedside and beyond. Relevant information for physician on most common tablet devices, right where it’s needed. With this web-based user interface you can capture, share and access patient information ...

image analysis software / traceability / laboratory / automated
image analysis software
ImageQuant TL 8.1

IQTL 8.1 and IQTLSecurITy 8.1 Software Package ImageQuant TL is the most automatic and easy-to-use general image analysis software. Automation for fast and consistent results. Advanced algorithms for ...

document management software / alert management / for communication / data tracking
document management software

Assisted Living SolutionsElectronic documentation to help assisted living providers improve care for their residents.CareTracker helps eliminate the undesirable effects of paper documentation and helps identify when residents’ acuity ...

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analysis software / 3D viewing / tracking / cell imaging
analysis software

... available live cell imaging, tracking & analysis software that rises to the challenge of monitoring temporal changes in biological systems. ImarisTrack is based on a choice of multiple sophisticated manual ...

image analysis software / measurement / tracking / for digital microscopes
image analysis software

... measurements with the recipes for comprehensive analysis of your data. 2D Object Detection & Tracking Aivia 2D includes several analysis pipelines called recipes for tracking objects (e.g. cells, nuclei, ...

barcode label software / for the pharmaceutical industry
barcode label software

Software solution for serialization The CPI software solution ensures a reliable connection of software and machine module within the serialization process. CPI – this is the name ...

analysis software / maintenance management / control / traceability
analysis software

... Sample Introduction Perfectly Synchronized. The MAESTRO software operates all GERSTEL modules and system solutions in a simple and efficient manner. MAESTRO can be operated as stand-alone software or ...

management software / control / tracking / for biobanks
management software
ASKION C-line® control

... Askion C-line® control – the brain and communication interface of your biobank. It controls all processes and procedures. The Software manages the documentation of all relevant parameters as well as the storage location ...