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Convergent Technologies Convergys®
Convergys® Convergent Technologies

Ascorbic Acid also known as Vitamin C can produce false negative results at high concentrations in urine samples. Convergys® Urine Matrix test strips are protected against interference of ascorbic...

URIT Medical Electronic (Group)
URIT Medical Electronic (Group)

These urine reagent strips are available for manual reading or for use with analyzers. The manual urine reagent strips ensure easy visual reading and give a complete solution for urinalysis....

1 products 77 Elektronika
77 Elektronika LABSTRIP U11
LABSTRIP U11 77 Elektronika

This product can quickly determine 11 urine parameters. It works in conjunction with all...

1 products Arkray

ARKRAY’s AUTION Sticks(AUTION Sticks 10EA, 10PA, AUTION SCREEN) represent an enormous investment of company time and resources in producing...

AMEDA Labordiagnostik
AMEDA Labordiagnostik

AMP Urine Strips are a simple, efficient and inexpensive tool for determination of diseases affecting kidneys and urinary tract, carbohydrate metabolism disorders, liver diseases and...

Analyticon Biotechnologies AG CombiScreen-PLUS
CombiScreen-PLUS Analyticon Biotechnologies AG

Modern, easy and cost-efficient urine diagnosis with Analyticon urine test...

Analyticon Biotechnologies AG CombiScreen
CombiScreen Analyticon Biotechnologies AG

Modern, easy and cost-efficient urine diagnosis with Analyticon urine test...

CARE diagnostica Laborreagenzien   URiSCAN Harnteststreifen
URiSCAN Harnteststreifen CARE diagnostica Laborreagenzien

Dip and Read Urinalysis strips for detection of the Diabetes, Renal disease, Hepatic...

ChungDo Pharm. Co., Ltd. Self-Stick+
Self-Stick+ ChungDo Pharm. Co., Ltd.

Features - A dip-and-read test strip. - In Vitro diagnostic aid using urine specimens. - Quantitative...

Cypress Diagnostics Urine-2AC
Urine-2AC Cypress Diagnostics

Urine strips for microalbumin monitoring The Urine-2AC enables an effective management of kidney disease in patients with diabetes. Microalbumin monitoring provides a clinical valuable contribution...

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