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1 products SCHILLER
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) MS-12 blue SCHILLER

The CARDIOVIT PRO PC system greatly simplifies ECG acquisition. The MS-12 blue wireless acquisition module enables ECG measurements to be fed directly into a PC,...

1 products Mindray
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based) NETGUARD™ Mindray

The product, NetGuard is compact device which is exceptionally designed for monitoring efficiently the electrical activity of the heart (ECG). It helps in protecting the non-monitored patient in the hospital...

8 products Cardioline
Cardioline ar600adv
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 3 channels) ar600adv Cardioline

Ar600adv is a portable device which has been structured for electrocardiograph. The system has dual power supply with mains and rechargeable internal batteries. The configuration itself specks for the...

Cardioline ar600view
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless) ar600view Cardioline

Cardioline features the latest ar600view BT available in Bluetooth version in addition with base version, with an aim to facilitate data transmission through integrated Bluetooth interface. It is an electrocardiograph...

Cardioline ar1200adv
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) ar1200adv Cardioline

The ar1200adv is a portable electrocardiograph with dual power supply. The ar1200adv can be adapted at any given moment to suit your individual requirements due to the flexibility of the software used...

Cardioline ar1200viewbt
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless) ar1200viewbt Cardioline

Ar1200viewbt is a device particularly made for electrocardiograph. The device proffers dual power supply with mains and rechargeable internal batteries....

Cardioline ar2100view
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) ar2100view Cardioline

Ar2100view has a combines optimised performance in multi channel ECG recording appareled with 12 channels colour graphic display. It is A4 format print system with...

Cardioline clickecg
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based) clickecg Cardioline

Clickecg is a device that acquires electrocardiographic signal. Through a USB cable, the device is able to convey the ECG signal to the PC in genuine time. The device consists of 12 standard...

1 products Bionet
Bionet   CARDIO XP
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) CARDIO XP Bionet

The wireless 12Ch ECG is used for pulmonary function test. The 7" color TFT LCD monitor is operated completely by touch screen. One touch operation enables obtaining, examining, storing and printing...

7 products Mortara
Mortara X12+™
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) X12+™ Mortara

X12+™ transmitter is a wireless device packed with power. Clinicians can monitor the progress of their patients...

Mortara T12S
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) T12S Mortara

The T12S transmitter is a lightweight and compact device that promotes freedom of movement. With its SpO2 sensor, it provides free movement through wireless technoloy to patients and clinician when in...

Mortara ELI™ 150c
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) ELI™ 150c Mortara

The 12-lead electrocardiograph is a portable solution that is compact and lightweight. The ELI 150c electrocardiograph offers functionality in a device that is ultra-portable. This device has a high-resolution...

Mortara ELI™ 250c
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) ELI™ 250c Mortara

This full featured electrocardiograph offers the most comprehensive functionality. It can print on A4 or 8.5 x 11" paper. It is a very easy to use and portable device. A real-time preview...

Mortara ELI™ 280
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels, with touchscreen) ELI™ 280 Mortara

The ELI™ 280 electrocardiograph is a compact, lightweight and portable touchscreen device that provides comprehensive functionality designed to meet the high-volume ECG environment’s demand. It...

Mortara ELI™ 350
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) ELI™ 350 Mortara

The Mortara VERITAS is robust with advanced capabilities, impact-resistant, has a high-resolution color display and sealed keyboard are designed for demanding hospital environments. It has an "Instant-on"...

Suzuken Company CARDICO 1211
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) CARDICO 1211 Suzuken Company

Kenz Cardico 1211 is an ECG management product which includes data management and network environment. This product is extremely helpful in doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals. Kenz Cardico 1211 is...

Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) SE-1010 EDAN INSTRUMENTS

Wireless PC ECG Compact ECG transmitter with wireless design Vivid LCD display with operating buttons on the...

Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based) SE-1010 EDAN INSTRUMENTS

Wired PC ECG Enhanced weak signal detection Comprehensive filters & anti-noise...

1 products COSMED
Stress test electrocardiograph (wireless) QUARK T12X COSMED

Diagnostic Quality 12-lead Stress Testing ECG available in telemetry or cable configuration -...

3 products NORAV Medical
NORAV Medical 1200W
Stress test electrocardiograph (wireless) 1200W NORAV Medical

The flexibility offered by Norav’s PC-based digital cardiac stress test system is unparalleled and now includes a wireless ECG option. The systems exercise test ECG software meets the specific needs...

Innomed Medical Developing and Manufacturing  HEARTSCREEN 112 VISIT GSM
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 3 channels) HEARTSCREEN 112 VISIT GSM Innomed Medical Developing and Manufacturing

* Simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition * Standard and Cabrera leads * 3 ECG and one rhythm curve display * Reliable, high-resolution 112mm wide, thermal printer * Analysis, diagnosis and arrythmia program *...

1 products Corscience
Corscience BT12
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) BT12 Corscience

BT12: Bluetooth resting ECG device The Bluetooth PC ECG devices BT12 and BT3/6 are compact, mains-independent ECG measuring devices. They are for wirelessly transmitting a 3-/6- or 12-channel ECG to...

1 products Medical Econet
Medical Econet  Cardio M-PC
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) Cardio M-PC Medical Econet

Cardio M - PC is a composition of a thousand time proven 12-Channel ECG Cardio M, together with powerful PC-based functional diagnostic techniques. Cardio M - PC enables...

Medset Medizintechnik  FLASHLIGHT BT 12
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) FLASHLIGHT BT 12 Medset Medizintechnik

Freedom of movement during stress testing The FLASHLIGHT sensor BT is a compact 12-channel ECG amplifier that can be carried close to the patient’s body and operated using two Mignon AA batteries. A...

3 products ASPEL
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels) AsCARD Blue3 ASPEL

An up-to date device with the registration of 3/6/12 leads on 112mm-wide paper enables sending medical documentation together with ECG examination to an e-mail address. The apparatus is equipped...

ASPEL  Aspekt 500
Stress test electrocardiograph (wireless) Aspekt 500 ASPEL

AsPEKT 500 - Wireless ECG signl transmitter KBEKG2 v.001 (07-103-0005) AsPEKT 500 is a digital unit designated for wireless ECG signal transmission to PC. The transmitter allows a free patients...

ASPEL  CardioTEST Alfa System A500
Stress test electrocardiograph (wireless) CardioTEST Alfa System A500 ASPEL

CardioTEST Alfa System A500 consists of CardioTEST software and AsPEKT 500. System is...

1 products Labtech Ltd.
Labtech Ltd. EC-12RS
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) EC-12RS Labtech Ltd.

The EC-12R/S ECG has all the characteristics of the EC-12R device but it can also be used for making stress test examinations without monitoring blood pressure. In this case BP measurement is made...

1 products Neurosoft
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 12 channels) POLY-SPECTRUM-8/EX Neurosoft

Poly-Spectrum-8/EX General Properties [Top] Do you remember the feeling that appeared when you used the radiophone for the first time? There was no “affection” towards one place. You could...

1 products Farum
Farum E600G
Digital electrocardiograph (wireless, 12 channels, with touchscreen) E600G Farum

Next-generation equipment, offering such technologies as: Touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB, memory card and semi-automatic analysis (brand-new in use). Product details: Big color display...

Vetronic Services SAPPHIRE
Digital veterinary electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 1 channel) SAPPHIRE Vetronic Services

The Sapphire ECG system is a single channel (Lead II) ECG telemetry system designed for the monitoring and diagnostic investigation of animals. Data is transmitted from a small transmitter worn by the...

Vetronic Services SAPPHIRE PLUS
Digital veterinary electrocardiograph (wireless, computer-based, 6 channels) SAPPHIRE PLUS Vetronic Services

The Sapphire Plus ECG system is a 6-lead wireless system designed for the remote continuous monitoring and diagnostic investigation of animals From a small key-fob size transmitter worn by the animal,...

1 products Custo med
Custo med custo kybe
Wearable ECG monitor (waist, wireless) custo kybe Custo med

The custo kybe, part of Custo Med’s Telemonitoring System, stores ECG data continuously for months, detects arrhythmia and send these events to the custo kybe center automatically. The device can also...

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