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4-01 ALVO Preludium ALVO Medical



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Operating table ALVO Preludium 4-01 has been designed to support the patient during all surgical procedures and interventions: general surgery, vascular surgery, endoscopy, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology and orthopedic procedures.

ALVO Preludium 4-01 is a hydraulic-mechanical, mobile operating table is made of stainless, acid-proof steel, with sectional table top and mobile base equipped with mechanical central brake. Standard version offers vertical adjustment provided from hydraulic system driven by a foot pump. lateral tilts and body elevator adjustment is performed by crank mechanism. Other functional movements - longitudinal tilts and table top sections adjustments are gas spring supported. Second, customized version of ALVO Preludium 4-01 table offers all three movements of the column (height, trend, side tilts adjustments) driven from the foot pump.

Two available versions of mechanical-hydraulic systems used for driving the table column helps to fulfill customer requirements and make this cost attractive and reliable table even more attractive.


Length: 2100* mm
Width: 560 mm
Height: 750-1080 mm
Weight: 200** mm

*the length varies according to the table top
**max. dynamic load capacity