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electric patient lift / on casters
Maxi Twin® Arjo



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    on casters


Maxi Twin® is a uniquely developed twin-mast lifter which is very comfortable to use with a stylish and attractive look. The design of the lifter allows easy distribution of weight with greater stability. The product has a SWL of 182 kg (400 lb) and has friction solution which restricts the spreader bar to move forward and backward. The device is excellent for daily transfer and lifting of patients including elevating people from floor at home. The Power Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS) makes the device capable of easy positioning and lifting of the patient without compromising the comfort. It also enables the caretaker to easily handle patients at hospitals as well as at home. The caretaker can put minimum effort in lifting and positioning of the residents which is possible through Powered Dynamic System (PDPS). A variety of clip slings, loop slings, and filters are available as well.