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electric patient lift / on casters
Maxi Twin® Compact



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    on casters


The optimum lifter for care in confined spaces

The Maxi Twin® Compact offers superior access in confined spaces.

Its remarkably small footprint enables safe everyday transfers of residents/patients in elderly care facilities and in home care, where space may be an issue.

The Maxi Twin Compact is a smaller version of the well known Maxi Twin® passive floor lifter. It incorporates all of the main features of the larger sling lifter, including its innovative twin mast design, which improves stability and weight distribution, while offering the caregiver unique accessability for working in confined spaces.

With its remarkably small footprint, the Maxi Twin Compact enables safe, high quality care routines to be carried out in confined spaces. The Maxi Twin Compact is easy to manoeuvre in narrow corridors and turns corners smoothly without compromising the safety of the resident/patient or the working conditions of the caregiver.