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electric patient lift / on casters
Maxi 500™

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electric patient lift / on casters electric patient lift / on casters - Maxi 500™


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Maxi 500 floor lifter has been designed to help caregivers transfer dependent patients or residents in hospitals, nursing homes, homecare environments or other assisted living centres.

But the Maxi 500™ is a versatile solution to a lot of these everyday lifting tasks.

Due to the speed and smoothness of the lifting action, the resident/patient feels safe and secure, and the caregiver is able to maintain the correct posture and avoid injury.

Making tasks easier and safer
This easy-to-use aid enables caregivers to handle everyday lifting and transfers comfortably, safely and without stress. In the event that a resident/patient should fall down, the Maxi 500 allows a single caregiver to lift them up from the floor without having to manually sit the resident/patient up.

System integration
The Maxi 500 also includes a suitable sling for the type of resident/patient and use. Sling solutions are available in a wide range of special purpose designs and sizes.

With a 227 kg (500 lbs) Safe Working Load, the Maxi 500™ is able to lift and transfer the majority of resident/patients
Hand control operation provides high standards of safety, comfort and dignity
With it's compact dimensions, Maxi 500 is suited to environments with narrow spaces
Low reaching boom easily picks up people from the floor
The resident/patient is comfortable and well supported throughout the transfer process, in the head and body support sling
The chassis can be electronically opened to provide better access around large chairs
Can be used with clip or loop slings depending on choice of hanger bar
Available with or without scale