medicine cabinet / hospital / with drawer / with door
Praxis XB Favero Health Projects



  • Use:

    for medicine

  • Facility:


  • Features:

    with drawer, with door

  • Other characteristics:



PRAXIS XB Line: The Perfect Cabinets for Healthcare

PRAXIS XB Line of technical cabinets are designed to provide health care workers with furniture that are designed to be ergonomically pleasing yet practical in handling all functional needs. The cabinets are specially made from bi-lamented frames with rounded perimeter boarders which facilitate easy cleaning while eliminating the accidents that may occur when using sharp edged furniture. The systems which are technically designed to fit the needs of the user come with the following features:

They are built with bi-lamented plastic frames
The materials used have the following specifications; fire retardant in class 1, a standard anti-bacterial finish or coating etc.
Health care personnel can either purchase the suspended walls with mounted feet version or the suspended walls with castor wheels
These cabinets are built to allow for flexibility when been used in small spaces
The cabinets are designed to be consistent with ISO 3394 standards