emergency trolley / transport / oxygen cylinder / defibrillator
45 - 65 Favero Health Projects



  • Applications:

    emergency, transport

  • Use:

    oxygen cylinder, defibrillator, waste, catheter

  • Components:

    with drawer, with waste bin, with side bin, with IV pole, with defibrillator shelf

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, compact


Complete crash cart package kitted as standard with a full range of emergency accessories..
Flexible, highly adaptable, easy to configure, user friendly Switch cart is designed to satisfy the most challenging and demanding applications.

Standard features:
centralized drawer seal lock; two fold down bins; aspirator pump support; defibrillator/monitor shelf; adjustable IV pole with 2 plastic hooks; oxygen cylinder support; cardiac massage board; catheter holder; medium waste bin 14 lt.

Highly robust electro-galvanized metallic cart module. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

Single compact cart module. Easy running and excellent manoeuvrability even when fully loaded.

Light weight, stable cart structure. Easy cleaning and disinfection. Secure and reliable accessory attachment.

Vast range of drawer combinations and interchangeable accessory configurations. Multi-applications.