electrosurgical unit function tester



  • Applications:

    for electrosurgical units


The Seculife ES PRO ESU Analyzer is a highly accurat e calibrat ion quality instrument. It is intended for use by manufacturers and field service engineers, as well as Biomedical Engineers who need to test their ESU generat ors in the exact same way the manufacturers do. It is the only ESU Analyzer on today’s market with a 1% reading level of uncerta inty.

Seculife ES PRO achieves the high level of accuracy and functionality demanded by ESU manufacturers worldwide. The Seculife ES PRO uses external precision load resistors and an external wide band current transformer to take industry standard RF current measurements. It can be used as a stand-alone meter or in conjunction with our optional PC Utility Software. Measurement data, including RMS current, RMS voltage, Peak voltage, Power (watts),and Crest Factor are displayed on a series of user configurable screens. You can even display all of these values on a single screen, including the load resistance. Digitized ESU waveforms with up to 32,768 data points can be stored, displayed on screen, or exported to a PC for analysis. Our companion PC Utility Software will create an Excel graph of even the most complex output waveforms for viewing.