pneumatic sandblaster / 2-tank
IP Sandy 2 IP Dent



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The IP Sandy 2 is equipped with two chambers, a clear metal ray cabin with scratch-resistant slightly replaceable view disc, two pcs. elastic gloves, two pcs. of ray styluses, two pcs. pressure control valves as well as lighting. On the device back wall a connection socket is for withdrawal systems.

This IP Sandy 2 serves for the surface radiation of metals, to the cleaning andPolish of ceramics, plastic blindnesses, zircon uvm.

The IP Sandy 2 works with aluminium oxide and glass beads 50 µ m, 100 µ m, 150 µ m, 200 µ m, 250 µ m. Filling amount ray tank 700 gr. Working pressure, adjustable from 1 to 7 bars.