laboratory bottle-top dispenser / variable-volume
DOSILAB series Kartell S.p.A.



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Dosilab is a new series of adjustable volume bottle top dispenser for dosing chemicals with precision, accuracy and inexpensiveness. It is totally safe for operators and environment. The six models of the new line are simple to use and easy to disassemble to perform common cleaning and maintenance operations; autoclavable without need for disassembly. Volume adjustment is made precise and quick by using the analogue slider. A careful choice of raw materials, as well as several quality controls carried out during production process guarantee Dosilab’s high precision and accuracy. Every single appliance is individually calibrated according to the ISO 8655 standards and it is supplied with its own calibration certificate.The supply includes five adaptors for use with the most common reagent bottles (28, 32, 36, 40 and 45 mm) and a practical device for easy recalibrations that can be directly performed in laboratory, in conformity with the requirements of the GLO/ISO standards.