portable oxygen therapy system / with oxygen cylinder / with oxygen mask
0 - 15 l/min, 3 L MEDICOP medical equipment



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    with oxygen cylinder, with oxygen mask


Portable device with plate to allow quick and simple changes between empty and full cylinders

The oxygen cylinder (usually with a capacity of 3 liters) is fixed in the vertical position to the steel plate, so the complete device can stand alone anywhere on the floor.

However, the shape of the plate is designed so that it is possible to hang a device to a wall rail or any other carrier. The configuration of the complete device can be defined by the user to meet his or her specific needs. The flow meter (0-15 l/min) can be used with a reusable or single-use humidifier, a resuscitator and suction units for these models of portable oxygen-therapy device.

The cylinder is fixed to the plate by quick-release connectors so the regulator can be disassembled without tools, allowing for quick and simple changing of an empty to a full cylinder.