gait rehabilitation system / balance / computer-assisted
C-Mill Motek Medical



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    gait, balance

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What is the C-Mill?
The C-Mill is a treadmill that uses visual and acoustic cues for training and evaluation of impaired gait and balance. The C-Mill allows for learning gait adaptability strategies through obstacle avoidance in a safe and controlled environment. The C-Mill: a complete, advanced gait-lab and training centre on 4m².

Why Use the C-Mill?
The ability to adjust your gait to the requirements of the environment is related to fall risk. Someone must be able to avoid a doorstep, puddle of water or other obstructive objects in order to walk safely in daily life. The C-Mill is developed to train these task specific gait adaptations by projecting visual cues on the walking surface. This results in a context specific environment to train and evaluate gait pattern and gait adaptability.

Adjust Gait Pattern
A therapist can decide to adjust a patients gait (e.g. step length or step width) by projecting cues on the belt of the C-Mill. The cues automatically appear based on a patient’s gait. The therapist can influence this pattern by changing the distance between the cues, thus altering and training the gait pattern.