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The Human-Robot Interaction Tool
The HapticMaster VR is a haptic robot designed to give users a realistic sense of touch in a virtual or remote world. Use the D-Flow Suite to create interactive and immersive AR/VR applications that use both haptic and visual feedback.

Human Movement Research
The flexibility of the HapticMaster VR has made it the #1 choice for robotic interaction with the human arm to explore stroke and movement rehabilitation research. Over 75 journal papers have been published in which the authors used the HapticMaster as their platform to test novel interaction strategies.

Take advantage of its force measurement and programmable impedance interaction. In the HapticMaster VR, we have now added the easy development of interactive and immersive applications through the D-Flow VR software.

High Performance Haptics
Research a combination of high performance haptic and visual man-machine interaction in realistic virtual environments. Explore these worlds through both direct human and customizable haptic interaction, that can be influenced by programmable dynamic events.

Analyze and evaluate 3D virtual prototypes before a physical model is produced. The HapticMaster VR offers the opportunity to simulate and train otherwise difficult, dangerous and expensive procedures. It provides both master-slave and tele-operations.