laboratory sample preparation system / fully automated / for liquid handling / bench-top
SURFE²R 96SE Nanion Technologies



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    fully automated

  • Preparation type:

    for liquid handling

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SURFE²R 96SE - High Throughput Transporter Research

Just like the SURFE²R N1, the SURFE²R 96SE employs SSM-based electrophysiology to resolve small currents of transporters and pumps, but elevates the throughput to the next level by parallelization of 96 measurements. The transporter samples are added to gold coated sensors in a standard 96 well-plate format. To further reduce the user's workload, all sensor coating steps can be done by the SURFE²R 96SE itself. Any substrate can be added to activate the transporter. The resulting transport or binding currents will be detected and analyzed accordingly. The whole process, from sample preparation and measurement to data analysis, is fully automated.