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CardioExcyte 96



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    HTS, cardiology, pharmacology


CardioExcyte 96 – Combined contractility, electrophysiology and cell viability

The CardioExcyte 96 is a hybrid system recording both contractility and electrophysiology of intact cardiomyocyte networks. In addition, the base impedance is continuously and automatically monitored as a measure of acute and chronic cell activity. No subtleties of cytotoxic responses are missed, this includes non-contractile cell types such as hepatocyte-like cells or cancer cells as well as contractile cardiac cells. Impedance and extracellular field potential measurements are performed at high resolution, are non-invasive and label-free. The CardioExcyte 96 is a fully automated device, recording from 96 wells at a time. The benefits the CardioExcyte 96 offers include:

Impedance & extracellular field potentials from the same well
96 recording wells in parallel
Non-invasive & label-free measurements
High resolution
Electrical and optical pacing options
Acute and chronic assessment of cell activity and toxicity
Part of the CiPA validation study