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Port-a-Patch: World's smallest patch clamp rig

The Port-a-Patch is a miniaturized patch clamp system supporting giga-seal recordings from one cell at a time. It offers fast and easy access to high quality patch clamp data with only minimal training. Not only a powerful research tool but also ideal for educational purposes and quick tests of cells and ion channels. The benefits the Port-a-Patch offers include:

External & internal perfusion
Temperature control
Voltage & current clamp
Whole-cell & perforated patch clamp
Chips produced in-house, various resistances available (customizable on request)
Rseries compensation
Unlimited compound applications
Voltage and ligand-gated ion channels
High success rates with cell lines; use of primary cells and stem cells also possible
Easy to use, minimal training required
Adjustment of parameters during experiments for fast and efficient assay development