universal operating table / orthopedic / gynecological / ophthalmic
OPT 40/1 OPT SurgiSystems



  • Applications:

    universal, orthopedic, gynecological, ophthalmic, ENT, urological, laparoscopic, neurosurgery

  • Operation:

    manual, electro-hydraulic, hydraulic

  • Features:

    Trendelenburg, height-adjustable, reverse Trendelenburg, tilting, X-ray transparent, ergonomic, on casters

  • Patient type:

    bariatric, pediatric


The operating table OPT 40/1 with fixed table top was born in OPT in 2010 and is state-of-the-art in its category for aesthetical and innovative criteria, rationality in each detail, safety and versatility.

Movable on four extremely smooth wheels, it can be easily used also in narrow rooms.
OPT 40/1 is universal and satisfies the needs of modern operating theatres. Thanks to the wide and complete set of accessories and components, this table offers the possibility of satisfying with only one table top all the needs of every surgery specialty in an OR.

The new operating table OPT 40/1 is a state-of-the-art table in its category for aesthetical criteria, rationality in every detail, safety and versatility. It is entirely made of top-quality stainless steel and has been conceived to be used in all surgical specialties and to satisfy every requirement of an operating room.

The operating table OPT 40/1 is also available in a version with carbon fibre table top to satisfy the need for maximum radiotrasparency of surgical procedures.

The table top comprises sections with cushions in soft, antistatic and anti-decubitus, radiolucent material which is ergonomically shaped. The sections have all on both sides and on their length stainless steel bars 25 x 10 mm to apply accessories and can be used for any surgery specialty included traumatology.