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Surgical laser / Tm:YAG / trolley-mounted
CYBER TM Quanta System


  • Applications:


  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    2010 nm


Cyber TM represents the family of Thulium:YAG laser manufactured by Quanta System and dedicated to applications practiced in open, laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery to perform excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation and hemostasis of soft tissues.

Cyber TM emits with a 2μm wavelength that is strongly absorbed by water which is highly present in all tissues. For this reason the speed of cutting and vaporization remains relatively constant during the procedures, regardless of tissue vascularization. The laser beam penetrates only a fraction of a millimeter in the tissue, providing the surgeon with a high degree of control and reducing substantially the risk of inadvertent injury.


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