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antimicrobial tester / electrical safety / leakage / resistivity
antimicrobial tester

Our anti-microbial test instruments of the product line SECULIFE:SECULIFE ST BASE, ST BASE 25, ST PRO and multimeter SECULIFE HIT AM To meet the requirements for avoiding health risks in various hygienically sensitive environments, our ...

pressure tester / flow / control / for medical devices
pressure tester

... assessing electronics of pressure measurement circuit Capability to test ophthalmology equipment, lasers, dialysis machines, automatic tourniquets, drainage devices, IV pumps, pressure gauges, ventilators, diagnostic, ...

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Fluke Biomedical
mercury analyzer / laboratory / compact / benchtop
mercury analyzer
mercur DUO plus

The Mercur mercury analyzer is a compact system that was designed to determine mercury traces completely and cost-efficiently. There two configurations available, AFS and AAS, as well as a combined AFS AND AAS configuration ...

carbon analyzer / chlorine / organic elemental / sulfur
carbon analyzer
multi EA 5100

Your entire C/N/S/X lab in one device Extensive range of applications without device modification A single analyzer for solid, liquid, gaseous and LPG samples Self Check System for unattended operation and reliable ...

mercury analyzer / laboratory / for the food industry / for wastewater
mercury analyzer
RA-915 Lab

DIRECT THERMAL DECOMPOSITION LABORATORY MERCURY ANALYZER RA-915 LAB WITH ZEEMAN BACKGROUND CORRECTION RA-915 Lab is the new direct fully automated laboratory mercury analyzer with 45 ...

water quality analyzer / inorganic elemental / wall-mounted / automatic
water quality analyzer
Total hardness analyzer AH-1

AH-1 analyzer is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of total content of calcium and magnesium salts (total hardness) in water. The analyzer performs automatic ...

water quality analyzer / control / turbidity / automatic
water quality analyzer
Turbidity analyzer AP-1

AP-1 analyzer is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of the content of suspended particles and petroleum products in water samples (turbidity measurements) and for monitoring of water color. ...

leakage tester / for endoscopes / compact / automatic
leakage tester

The LEAKAGE:MASTER does not only serve for the examination of the endoscope on tightness, but finds also use already from prepurifying up to the end of the disinfection procedure and protects your endoscope against liquid break-down by ...

BOD analyzer / laboratory / compact / automatic
BOD analyzer
BOD Sensor

Innovative, mercury-free and extremely reliable solution for BOD analysis (Biochemical Oxygen Demand).

O2 analyzer / laboratory / for environmental analysis / for the food industry
O2 analyzer

Fast measurement of O2 concentration with EC-cell The MAT1100 is the right choice whenever you only need to be concerned with the oxygen concentration or whenever only nitrogen is used. Its electrochemical oxygen cell (EC) measures within ...

electrical safety tester / for medical devices / portable / waterproof
electrical safety tester
vPad-Rugged 2

... CMMS System Automated and Manual Electrical Safety Testing per IEC 62353, AAMI/ANSI ES-1, NFPA-99 2012 and IEC 60601 Available in Black, Orange, Green, Silver, Tan, and Lime vPad‐Rugged 2 is much more than an Electrical ...

electrical safety tester / for medical devices / portable / compact
electrical safety tester

Electrical Safety Analyzer vPad-Mini™ enables Clinical and Field Service Engineers to quickly perform basic electrical safety checks on all types of medical equipment, ranging from beds to patient monitors with applied ...

electrical safety tester / for medical devices / benchtop / with touchscreen
electrical safety tester
ES601 Plus

... all your automated testing. ES601pc comes standard with your safety analyzer and allows you to view and print test reports and to customize all aspects of test automation, including safety, ECG, tester ...

glove integrity testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / laboratory / compact
glove integrity testing system

AGLTS The Automatic Glove Leak Testing System A SMART GUARDIAN FOR YOUR BARRIER ISOLATION TECHNOLOGY It’s advanced. It’s Automatic. It’s above everything you have used so far. The ...

bubble point tester / laboratory / tabletop / automatic
bubble point tester

Bubble Point Tester BPT has been conceived as a specific instrument for the automatic performance of the Bubble Point Test, fully compliant to the GMP normative. The remarkable high reliability and safety ...

infusion pump analyzer / flow rate / pressure / portable
infusion pump analyzer

... tracking technology. FlowTrax® includes all the features of more expensive larger IV Pump Analyzers a full featured pressure temperature meter and a digital stopwatch — four pieces of test equipment ...

oxygen analyzer / pressure / for medical gas outlets / portable
oxygen analyzer

This handheld manometer is designed to render O2 measurements and caters to all wall plug in medical offices and hospitals. The Mercury handheld manometer is easy to use and comes with a rechargeable battery. Some of the other features ...

dissolution testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / benchtop / automatic
dissolution testing system
AT MD, CE 7smart Series

... of all fluid paths that can be validated. COLLECT - Automated sample collection in glass tubes, capped LC vials, or LC wellplates. Benchtop Automation. The AT MD is a fully automated dissolution ...

temperature tester / disintegration / for the pharmaceutical industry / modular
temperature tester
DT50, DT2

... - Permanent temperature monitoring without any delay at test start TEST START - Automated test start when target temperature has been reached DETECTION - 100% automatic end-point detection when tablets ...

friability testing system / for tablets / benchtop / automatic
friability testing system
FT 2

... SingleButton™ navigation to intergrated balance interface, single and dual drum options for increased capacity, as well as automatic calculation of percent friability for your report, and a fully menu-guided qualification ...

wastewater analyzer / laboratory / benchtop / automatic
wastewater analyzer

Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA Automatic foam analyses – following the standard and going beyond Our Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA is the world's first instrument for automatic ...

organic elemental analyzer / for water quality / for wastewater / compact
organic elemental analyzer

Online Analyzer for COD BOD TOC TSS NO3 without reagent STAC Compact Alert Station. 3 YEARS WARRANTY. Multi-parameter UV online analyzer delivered with user manual, UV Pro software with connection cables ...

analyzer for the food industry / benchtop / automatic
analyzer for the food industry
Alphatec™ F№

Alphatec FNo provides a safe and modern way to perform standard falling number analysis for sprouting damage in grain and enzyme activity in flour. With hammer mill and cooler included, Alphatec™ is a complete solution from the maker ...

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food fiber analyzer / benchtop / automatic
food fiber analyzer
Fibertec™ 8000

Fibertec™ 8000 has the lowest operator time of any fibre analysis system. Crude and Detergent Fibre according to the standard reference method

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food fiber analyzer / benchtop / automatic
food fiber analyzer
Fibertec™ 1023

The Fibertec™ 1023 is designed for rapid determination of dietary fibre according to established enzymatic methods, including those approved by AOAC, AACC, NMKL and Asp. Includes a filtration module and a shaking water bath for quantitative ...

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glove integrity tester / for laboratory isolators / trolley-mounted / automatic
glove integrity tester

Automatic Glove Tester The AGT – Automatic Glove Tester is used to test glove integrity in conformity with the pressure decay method ISO 14644-7 Annex E.5 (test in positive ...

hardness tester / thickness / diameter / for tablets
hardness tester
AutoTest 4

Flexibility The AutoTest 4 is capable of testing a wider variety of tablets shapes than any other automatic tester on the market. Practically any imaginable design, including oblong, diamond, hexagon ...

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Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron
disintegration tester / for tablets / benchtop / automatic
disintegration tester
DisiTest 50

... times typically associated with conventional water bath based systems. Whether used as single station tester or modular disintegration testing system with up to 4 independent stations, the DisiTest 50 ...

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Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron
friability tester / for tablets / benchtop / automatic
friability tester
FT 2

... operation allow for quick navigation through the user menu. Efficient tablet loading is another feature of the friability tester: At test start, the drum automatically rotates to its loading position – an opening in ...

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Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron
BOD analyzer / for water analysis / benchtop / automatic
BOD analyzer
BOD Direct Plus

... Application:BOD5, BOD7i OECD 301 F, etc. Automatic shutdown:Can be switched off; controlled by pressure drop in the bottle Certifications:CE, EMC in accordance with DIN EN 61326, basic requirements Data storage:Automatic ...

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cell culture analyzer / pH / freezing / density
cell culture analyzer
BioProfile® FLEX2

... technology with optical measurement and freezing point osmometry for an automated and comprehensive cell culture analyzer that eliminates chemistry sensor maintenance, increases analyzer ...

anesthetic gas analyzer / for medical devices / compact / automatic
anesthetic gas analyzer
Vamos, Vamos plus

... concentrations. The respiratory rate is determined from the carbon dioxide concentration curve and then displayed. Vamos plus with automatic detection of volatile anaesthetic agents ​In order to make your work easier ...

oxygen tester / for medical devices / portable / automatic
oxygen tester
MiniOX® 3000

Ohio Medical carries the MiniOX3000 for continuous oxygen monitoring, the MiniOX100 Oxygen Analyzer for spot-checking O2 percentage, the MiniOX 200 Oxygen Analyzer for checking the oxygen percentage accuracy ...

flash point analyzer / laboratory / for the pharmaceutical industry / benchtop
flash point analyzer

Tag Flash Point Tester: TAG 4 The automatic Tag closed-cup tester measures the flash point, the lowest temperature at which the vapors of a sample ignite upon the application of an ...

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Anton Paar
control tester / for animal research / benchtop / automatic
control tester

... and record data from up to 8 subjects, using one MouseOx Plus® control unit. The Multiplexer allows you to choose between automatic or manual switching. The Summary Screen shows all subjects being monitored by the ...

hydrogen analyzer / CH4 / exhaled / for medical devices
hydrogen analyzer
GastroCHECK ®

... ability to test up to 10 patients simultaneously Software manages study with automatic countdown timers which prompts and manages the complete study Automatic charting to aid in interpretation ...

trace metal analyzer / laboratory / for environmental analysis / portable
trace metal analyzer

... SerialBoth indoor laboratory use and outdoor useAutomatic calculation and curve fitting functionApplicationsAAP-300 Heavy Metals Analyzer is composed of main unit, Colorimeter cell components, colorimetric tube components, ...

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Angstrom Advanced Inc.