medical sterilizer / ethylene oxide / bench-top / low-temperature
medical sterilizer

Capacity: 136 l - 224 l

Cleared for use with single- or dual-channel rigid and flexible scopes, with no restrictions on the length or inner diameter of endoscope channels The single-use, 3M™ Steri-Gas™ Cartridge (100% EO) is punctured only when the chamber door ...

surgical sterilizer / bead / bench-top
surgical sterilizer
50287, 50289

Capacity: 1 l

Insert the cleaned surgical instrument for 2-5 seconds, and remove. Within 30 seconds, the surgical instruments are cool enough to use.

medical autoclave / bench-top / stainless steel
medical autoclave

Capacity: 12 l

Plucky and innovative design Tank's capacity: 12 liters Pressure tank: In stainless steel Quick tank heating and cooling. Safety and resistance to constant heating processes. Trays: In stainless steel Excellent mechanical ...

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medical autoclave / bench-top / stainless steel
medical autoclave

Temperature range: 121 °C - 134 °C
Capacity: 23 l

... trays included High quality water pump and valves Independent steam generator Two samples self-calibration Overhead type water storage tank, easy to clean. Drying procedure: Dry by vacuum. Sterilization ...

laboratory autoclave / bench-top / automatic / with dryer
laboratory autoclave
TMQ.J series

Capacity: 23, 35 l

Manual water infusion, steam exhausting and drying, auto control of heating and sterilizing. Pressure is controlled automatically with a precision of +-0.005Mpa. The safety of the equipment is guaranteed by an over heating auto protection ...

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Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery
laboratory sterilizer / infrared / bench-top
laboratory sterilizer
TT-825-S, TT-825-L

Temperature range: 480 °C - 825 °C

TT-825-S / TT-825-L Infrared Micro-Sterilizer utilizes infrared heat that produce 825oC to incinerate organic material deep within the ceramic funnel. Ideally used to provide complete sterilization of platinum inoculating ...

medical sterilizer / dental / steam / bench-top
medical sterilizer
IIC12, IIC18, IIC23

IIC12 IIC18 IIC23 The new design model with opening water tank on the top, strictly meets the standard of EN 13060, which makes wash and cleaning much more convenient It adopts European B standard with 3 times pre-vacuum ...

medical autoclave / bench-top
medical autoclave

Temperature range: 121 °C - 134 °C
Capacity: 18 l - 23 l

... separately to ensure the accuracy and safety. 2,Interior system records 50 sterilization records will be stocked in the autoclave automatically. Users could export the records by U disk. 3,Steam generator and heating ...

medical autoclave / laboratory / dental / bench-top
medical autoclave
Saniclave 200

Temperature range: 121 °C
Capacity: 10.5 l

FEATURES Great for cleaning our generator probes FDA Approved 10.5 liter capacity, top loading Easy and simple one button operation Fast, 30 minute, ST79 approved sterilizing cycle Digital ...