oxygen tester / for cell cultures / for biology / for the food industry
oxygen tester

Compact Fiber Optic Oxygen Meter OXY-1 SMA Due to its small outer dimensions OXY-1 SMA can be set up almost anywhere. It is compatible with non-invasive sensors, dipping probes and flow-through cells of type PSt3 (detection ...

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PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH
oxygen tester / temperature / for environmental analysis / compact
oxygen tester
FireStingO2 series

Optical Oxygen Meter - FireStingO2 Compact fiber-optic oxygen meter 1, 2, or 4 oxygen channels 1 temperature channel (optionally 4) Works with robust probes, flow-through-cells, microsensors, minisensor, respiration ...

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Pyro Science GmbH
powder flowability tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the food industry / compact
powder flowability tester

The PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. The PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior ...

control analyzer / for trace metals / for the food industry / laboratory
control analyzer

... Reinforced Food Heavy-Metal Quick Analyzer use energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technologyis used to achieve the fast detection of trace heavy-metal elements in food by. In developing MicrOptik used the most advanced ...

glove integrity tester / for laboratory isolators / compact / digital
glove integrity tester

Glove Integrity Testing System GITS – Glove Integrity Testing System is used to test glove integrity in conformity with the pressure decay method ISO 14644-7, Annex E.5 (test in positive pressure).

water quality analyzer / compact / UV/VIS
water quality analyzer
486 0061

... spectral analyzator ISA provides the acquisition of multiple parameters with only one sensor in a small form factor. This compact UV/VIS sensor provides both standard water quality parameters and additional substances ...

dissolution tester / for tablets / compact / automatic
dissolution tester

The PTWS 120D is an 6 position, single drive compact tablet dissolution testing instrument for solid dosage forms as described in USP chapter and EP section as well as the DAB and Japanese Pharmacopeia ...

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Pharma Test Apparatebau
sulfur analyzer / laboratory / compact / with touchscreen
sulfur analyzer

... touchscreen allows easy error free operation - Noiseless thermal graphic printer - Conforms to GLP and LIMS - The most compact XRF Sulfur Analyzer - PE-7700 complies with ASTM D4294 and ISO20847

content uniformity analyzer / for the pharmaceutical industry / bench-top / compact
content uniformity analyzer

... 6000 rpm. Adjustable Time The timer is adjustable from 5 seconds to 30 minutes. Benchtop Design Clean, compact benchtop design saves valuable bench space.

dissolution testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
dissolution testing system
AT 7smart

AT 7smart Manual Dissolution System Compact apparatus for USP 1,2,5,6 dissolution methods Fulfills all Pharmacopeia requirements for USP 1,2,5,6 dissolution methods Staggered ...

dissolution tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / laboratory / compact
dissolution tester
Vision® G2 Classic 6™

The Vision G2 Classic 6 dissolution tester is the compact, rugged workhorse sibling to the Vision G2 Elite 8. Named in honor of the world’s first dissolution tester, ...

powder flowability testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
powder flowability testing system
FT 300

... mixing and vibration settings Precise, fast and reproducible results Operator-independent results, eliminating human error Compact, robust construction and simple to use

dissolution testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
dissolution testing system
DT 126 light, DT 128 light

... new ERWEKA light series delivers the proven ERWEKA quality in a comprehensive economic package for a budget for simple dissolution testing with USP method 2 (paddle). The DT 126 light is equipped with 6 test stations ...

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hydrogen analyzer / oxygen / for forensics / compact
hydrogen analyzer
vario PYRO cube

... two separate analyzers to cover this range of analysis; one for combustion and the other for pyrolysis. The vario PYRO cube breaks new ground by combining an up to 1,500 °C pyrolysis analyzer with ...

dissolution tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
dissolution tester
DIS 6000

... space is at a premium. The Dissolution Tester DIS 6000 has been designed as a direct response to this problem. With a footprint of just 650 x 450 x 640 mm (WxDxH), the DIS 6000 is one of the most compact ...

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Copley Scientific
blood alcohol analyzer / lactate / glucose / laboratory
blood alcohol analyzer

... enzymatic-rate chemistries (Pre-programmed for Glucose, Lactate, Cholesterol and Alcohol plus one spare channel). One single, compact instrument, offering excellent reproducibility and speed. APPLICATION AREAS Diabetes ...

bubble point tester / laboratory / compact
bubble point tester

It is developed by our company independently to test the micro-filtration membrane,for instance, 0.22μm、0.45μm.0.8μm hydrophilic and oily microporous membrane filter . It is widely applied by organizations producing and ...

air flow tester / temperature / humidity / hand-held
air flow tester

The climate meter PCE-THA 10 with compact size, new structure and integrated vane anemometer is equipped with a one-hand operation. Besides the wind speed, the climate meter measures the temperature, the humidity, the ...

toxicity tester / for environmental analysis / compact / bioluminescence
toxicity tester

It is effective to use a biological testing for fast and precise determination of the toxicity. Toxicity testing based on the bioluminescence of algae provides quick information and is easy to use.BioLumino is suitable for both continuous ...

diffusion tester / ultrasound leakage / for healthcare facilities / portable
diffusion tester

... quickly and efficiently with the SONAPHONE Pocket. Lower your energy costs and increase your operational safety with the most compact testing device of the SONAPHONE series. The ultrasonic testing device is used for • ...

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SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH
leak tester / flow / for medical devices / compact
leak tester

TME WORKER™ is a high resolution (0.0001psi) test instrument that can be configured as a Leak Tester, a Leak and Flow Tester, or a Leak and Occlusion Tester and is available in Pressure ...

torque tester / for caps / compact
torque tester
Torqo 1600

The Torqo 1600 is a durable and reliable computerized cap torque analyzer which is setting a new standard for torque measurement throughout the packaging industry. With on-board microprocessors, it makes torque testing ...

Raman analyzer / for formulation / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
Raman analyzer

The new RA802 Pharmaceutical AnalyserThe RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. It rapidly determines API/excipient domain statistics ...

temperature tester / conductivity / chlorine / turbidity
temperature tester

... switches and relay) inputs and outputs - control functions like open and/or closed loop control The Type 8905 is available as a compact system in one housing. For customized systems please contact your closest Bürkert ...

oxygen analyzer / for medical devices / compact
oxygen analyzer
MiniOX® 100

Ohio Medical carries the MiniOX3000 for continuous oxygen monitoring, the MiniOX100 Oxygen Analyzer for spot-checking O2 percentage, the MiniOX 200 Oxygen Analyzer for checking the oxygen percentage accuracy ...