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diagnostic software / treatment plan evaluation / for dental imaging
diagnostic software

... and enter annotations further support your diagnostic capabilities. Patients respond favorably to digital X-ray images. The larger, more detailed picture allows them a better understanding of the diagnosis ...

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diagnostic software / visualization / sharing / medical imaging
diagnostic software
iNteract™ + iShare

... Incorporates disparate unstructured clinical content Extensible to diagnostic and EMR image enablement use

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diagnostic software / test / ophthalmology / for tablet PC
diagnostic software
Chart2020, Chart2020 DUO

Chart2020 Visual Acuity Software Chart2020 Smart Docks™ – an unrivaled user experience. Visual acuity systems have come a long way since paper charts and projectors, and with new and advanced test strategies from Konan, ...

management software / diagnostic / diabetic retinopathy detection / ophthalmology
management software

... via secure messaging A consolidated record for a medical follow-up throughout the country Other possible cooperation protocols All the advantages of Artificial Intelligence Support to diagnostic: ...

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diagnostic software / acquisition / image enhancement / medical imaging
diagnostic software

ERACLE - DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY AND FLUOROSCOPY ACQUISITION SOFTWARE - is our DRF software which acquires, manages and processes radiological images in graphy and fluoroscopy mode acquired with a dynamic ...

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diagnostic software / treatment / dental / dental
diagnostic software
Digital Mockup

The software helps dental technicians and doctors to create highly aesthetic restorative treatments based on the smile desired by the patient. The software also allows you to combine photographic previews ...

DICOM viewing software / diagnostic / for PACS / universal
DICOM viewing software

... MedDream is FDA cleared for diagnostic use and is CE Class IIa certified as a medical device that can be used for review purposes or even primary diagnosis. Read more about MedDream certifications. ...

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SOFTNETA Medical Imaging
diagnostic software / web-based
diagnostic software

Intelligent Integrated Diagnostic Telemedicine Platform Connecting Clinician Devices. Connecting Clinicians. The Future of Telemedicine i2Dtx is a comprehensive and accurate cloud based medical device ...

mutation detection software / analysis / diagnostic / laboratory
mutation detection software

Gensearch has been designed with the molecular diagnostics laboratory in mind: accurate analysis of DNA sequences generated by capillary sequencers for mutation detection. It integrates in a user friendly software ...

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PhenoSystems SA
diagnostic software / analysis / audiometry
diagnostic software

Easy to use software The Primus software operates within the Noah framework, as well as stand-alone. On-top diagrams and control panels make it easy to use simultaneously with the proprietary hearing ...

data management software / visualization / control / diagnostic
data management software

Thorsoft Pulmonary Diagnostics PC Software Loading Video... If you're seeing this message you may not have Flash installed. Thorsoft General description ThorSoft is a pulmonary function diagnostic ...

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diagnostic software / monitoring / polysomnography
diagnostic software

... coded electrodes/sensors for user friendly application SPECIFICATIONS COMPREHENSIVE AND UNIQUE ANALYSIS SOFTWARE OPTIONS Somté software package includes: Full waveform review Automatic respiratory ...

diagnostic software / printing / acquisition / medical imaging
diagnostic software

... PROPAXX medical imaging software) can be automated, while you still have the possibility of initiating several jobs parallely – e.g. sending the image to PACS, generating a patient-CD, or DICOM printing. The CONAXX ...

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visualization software / diagnostic / medical imaging
visualization software

What is XoranConnect® XoranConnect® is a HIPAA compliant web-based service designed to complement MiniCAT™. The service provides online viewing, off-site archival and backup of images, and easy access for both physician and patient. HIPAA ...

diabetes management software / image analysis / image enhancement / treatment plan evaluation
diabetes management software
EyeArt ®

... RETINOPATHY DETECTION AND GRADING PLATFORM (DR) EyeArt™ is a fully automated, CE marked DR screening software. EyeArt™ is an Artificial Intelligence software platform featuring cutting–edge image ...

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Eyenuk, Inc.
visualization software / diagnostic / CT / for PACS
visualization software

... Radiologist Viewer(PACSPLUS Workstation) is a multi-modality advanced DICOM viewer including images, reports, patient status and clinical information. Features Various Image Display Thumb-nail display mode MIP/MPR, ...

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diagnostic software / for blood pressure monitors
diagnostic software
Vasotens® 24 CAP

... unique diagnostic system which combines estimation of central aortic pressure and arterial stiffness parameters with traditional blood pressure monitoring. BPLab Vasotens complex: Includes 24-hour blood pressure ...

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Petr Telegin
diagnostic software / image analysis / dermatology
diagnostic software
C-Cube Dermatology

custom software adapted to dermatologists’ needs C-Cube Dermatology developed in close collaboration with leading dermatologists, the C-Cube Dermatology software covers all aspects of your consultation. Designed ...

sharing software / visualization / diagnostic / radiology
sharing software

... burning support - Provide basic and advanced image manipulation for medical diagnosis -Optional display format for phototypesetting and printing -Professional template for diagnostic ...

skin diagnosis software / dermatology / for dermatology services
skin diagnosis software

diagnostic software / for neuroimaging
diagnostic software

Dedicated solution for neurodegenerative diseases diagnosisPLANET® Neuro is designed to increase accuracy and confidence in the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases especially Alzheimer’s disease, dementia with Lewy ...

image capture software / data management / diagnostic / for dental imaging
image capture software
Prof. Suni

... Imaging The Prof. Suni software package is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and feature-rich imaging program that easily integrates with your entire practice. Its array of customization and image enhancement options aid ...

capture software / recording / cardiac telemonitoring management / analysis
capture software
LX Event

LX® Event software offers the most comprehensive and flexible way to handle ECG data from looping event recorders. Error code detection and correction make this the most reliable and accurate ECG capture software ...

diagnostic software / reporting / control
diagnostic software

Zvu Advanced G.I. Diagnostic Software. Vividly Smart, Powerfully Simple. At first glance, you can now quickly assess and classify swallows with our unique swallow thumbnail bar. Visually stunning, pressure ...

diagnostic software / clinical / spirometry
diagnostic software

... members of a patient’s care team, enabling the most informed clinical decisions, leading to enhanced outcomes and lower costs. ORGANIZE THE DATA Integrate in-office and at-home pulmonary diagnostic ...