image analysis software / diagnostic / capture / clinical
GFP-99-CPT0001-SYS GenASIs Capture & Analysis Platform



  • Function:

    image analysis, diagnostic, capture

  • Application domain:

    clinical, for digital microscopes, FISH, CISH

  • Other characteristics:



GenASIs Capture & Analysis Platform: Inclusive of High Performance PC / Windows 7 OS/ High Resolution Digital B/W or Color CCD Camera / Single User Software License of ASI Database (CDM)

Product Description
GenASIs Capture & Analysis platform is a high-end computer aided diagnostic system with multiple assay support. This versatile solution may be adapted to most pathology, cytogenetics and research applications.

The system is designed to work with a manual or automated microscope and includes a dedicated, high powered microscope camera combined with state-of-the-art image analysis software for both clinical and research oriented image analysis.

GenASIs Capture & Analysis can be used for a variety of applications, including Karyotyping (BandView), FISH (FISHView and Semi-Automatic Spotcounting), and IHC/CISH quantitative analysis (HiPath).