Floor-standing laboratory workstations

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automated laboratory workstation / for powder handling / floor-standing
automated laboratory workstation
DisPo™ 6000

histopathology laboratory workstation / for sample preparation / floor-standing / with ventilation
histopathology laboratory workstation
Receiving Tech series

General information Type of instrument: Aspirated bench for histology. Model: Receiving Tech 130. Code:50-130-301. Description:Aspirated bench designed for the receiving of the disposable containers during the report of the histological ...

grossing laboratory workstation / floor-standing / with sink / with ventilation
grossing laboratory workstation

This special worktable has been designed for cutting histological. It prevents biological and chemical risks during manipulation of anatomy samples preserved in formalin.

molecular biology workstation / automated / floor-standing
molecular biology workstation
Procleix Panther

Procleix Panther System Featuring ART The Procleix Panther system featuring ART provides enhanced levels of automation for laboratories in a compact footprint without compromising throughput. It combines the proven ...

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automatic laboratory workstation / floor-standing
automatic laboratory workstation

... manufacturing capabilities available in-house, SHL currently manufactures a range of inspection laboratory equipment such as benchtop solutions for laboratory testing and more. For more info, please download ...

radiochemistry laboratory workstation / floor-standing / shielded
radiochemistry laboratory workstation

... with 2" lead shielding on all sides. Dose Calibrator Chamber, shielded waste container are flush mounted to work surface floor. Sharp shield can be accessed via a shielding drawer. Give us your specifications ...

grossing laboratory workstation / floor-standing / with sink
grossing laboratory workstation

ET-101/2 TRIMMING STATION / 2 USERS GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Fully stainless steel construction. Absorption system maintaining a clean atmosphere in the workplace. Dimensions: length 2150 mm, depth 850 mm, height 2100 mm. ...

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