air gas blender / oxygen / tube flow meter
air gas blender

... 100% Adjust for oxygen concentration and flow is separately,without any interference High accuracy setting and stable output gas Pneumatic air control,no need power supply

anesthesia gas blender / oxygen / nitrous oxide / tube flow meter
anesthesia gas blender
Mix 2

The MIX2 and MIX3 safety gas mixer supplies a medical gas mixture (O²/N²O or O²/Air).It can be used in workrooms, operating theatres or even examination rooms.It separates gas ...

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respiratory gas blender / air / oxygen / electronic
respiratory gas blender

Simple and cost effective oxygen/air mixer for oxygen hoods and other enclosures. For neonatal units, newborn care and neonatal transport. An oxygen/air blender that doesn’t need compressed, medical grade ...

anesthesia gas blender / air / oxygen / tube flow meter
anesthesia gas blender

... FIO2 Range: .21 +0.1 to 1.0 -0.1 Gas Supply Range: 50 psi + 10 psi Sechrist Air / Oxygen gas mixers Model 20090 provides for precise mixing of air and oxygen for many clinical applications. ...

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Sechrist Industries
intraocular gas blender
intraocular gas blender

EASY AND ACCURATE GAS-MIXING. Join the multitude of retinal surgeons and nurses who avoid confusion and guesswork in the OR and ensure accurate mixing of gas by using the Sonomed Escalon Universal Gas ...

anesthesia gas blender / air / oxygen / nitrous oxide
anesthesia gas blender

Weight 3 kg Supply power 24 V, DC, Input pressure of gas media 0.2Mpa Dosing range of gases: (at pneu, load up to 10 kPa) - 02 0.1 - 15 l.min'' - N,0 0.1 - 15 l.min'1 ...

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oxygen gas blender / air
oxygen gas blender

GAS MIXER MGB-1 DESCRIPTION The Gas Mixer MGB-1 is a compact device that allows for the accurate control of the mixture of medicinal compressed air and oxygen and concentration ...

anesthesia gas blender / air / oxygen / nitrous oxide
anesthesia gas blender

... and for a new build. All flowmeters are supplied fully calibrated and testing requiring only mounting and connecting to the gas supply. The flowmeters are available with 2, 3, and 4 gases and come with a mechanical ...

CO2 gas mixer / N2 / O2
CO2 gas mixer

... for purchase of mixed gas bottles any more! Advantages of Labo Gas Mixer: Provides mixed gas (CO2, N2 and atmospheric oxygen) for incubators Individual setting of CO2 ...

oxygen gas blender / CO2
oxygen gas blender
FlowCon 2/3/4

... oxygen concentration for microaerophilic organisms the FlowCon gas mixer meets all user needs. The FlowCon can be used as a stand-alone device, or can be integrated with the Kuhner equipment family (incubator ...

medical gas mixer / digital
medical gas mixer
Pegas 4000

... Instruments' PEGAS 4000MF Gas Mixer is a multi-gas mixer, which can blend from 2 to 4 gasses in a precise mixture available upon demand. The PEGAS 4000MF uses thermal mass flow controllers ...

CO2 gas mixer / N2 / O2 / precision
CO2 gas mixer

... ™ precision gas mixture station was especially developed for applications which demand an extremely high degree of accuracy and reproducibility of the gas mixture. The gas mixture station ...