analysis software / visualization / treatment planning / training
Planmeca Romexis



  • Function:

    analysis, visualization, treatment planning, training, design

  • Application domain:

    for dental imaging

  • Medical establishment:



Planmeca Romexis® is the most powerful dental software platform in the world. It offers a rich selection of tools and features for all needs and specialities. Romexis brings together all Planmeca equipment at a dental clinic – from CAD/CAM technology to imaging devices and dental units.

All-in-one dental software
The Romexis software allows capturing, viewing and processing all types of data in the same system – with all 2D and 3D images and CAD/CAM cases in the same database. The software’s extensive specialist tools, real-time monitoring possibilities, and unique connectivity with Planmeca equipment help make every day more efficient and enjoyable.

Open and compatible
Digital dentistry is advancing quickly. To make sure you can always use the best technology available, we have made Romexis open for integration. It is easy to import and export 2D and 3D images in industry standard formats, such as JPEG, DICOM and STL, or to launch data directly into 3rd party software. Practice management integration is easy to establish with over 100 software options.

Superior usability
Romexis has been designed for the imaging needs of modern clinics. With all 2D and 3D images at your fingertips, you can work with confidence and provide the best treatments. We have optimised the most common workflows to make sure that everyday tasks can be done quickly with minimal clicks. Building on years of feedback, the newest version of Romexis introduces a cutting-edge interface that your entire team will enjoy.
Flexible collaboration