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ELISA test reagent kits / for DNA / HIV / assayed
ELISA test reagent kits
D5014 / D5014-1 / D5014-2

HIGHLIGHTS Purified, non-methylated and methylated human DNA for use as negative and positive controls in methylation detection applications. Standards can be assayed in parallel with samples to monitor bisulfite conversion efficiency. Ideal ...

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Zymo Research
research reagents / for the pharmaceutical industry / clinical / for clinical chemistry
research reagents

Alcohol can be measured in both Clinical & Research and Industrial & Biotechnology applications. Industry & Biotechnology Alcohol can be measured in these areas: Biotechnology & pharmaceutical applications Food & beverage applications ...

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hematology reagents
hematology reagents

Hematology Reagents For XS-500i/800i/1000i,XT1800i/2000i/4000i,XE-2100i/5000i Cat. No. Description Package 1131 CellDiluent 20L 1280 CellLyse-FBA 5L 1281 CellLyse-SLS 5L 1282 CellLyse-4DL 5L 1283 CellLyse-4DS 42ml x3 1397 ...

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hematology reagents
hematology reagents

HTI Hematology Reagents Reagents for Analyzers: Micros, ABX (France) Advia, Siemens (Germany) BC-series, Mindray (China) ACT-series, Coulter (USA) Cell Dyn, Abbott (USA) Abacus, Diatron (Austria) ...

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HTI Medical Inc.
clinical chemistry reagents
clinical chemistry reagents

Compatible Clinical chemistry reagent Without need of sample dilution With high concentrations of total bilirubin. The high quality of our reagents is confirmed everyday by many numerous laboratory ...

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PZ Cormay
quality control reagents / hemoglobin
quality control reagents

hema-screen SPECIFIC​​ Hemoglobin Controls​ hema-screen SPECIFIC positive control contains purified human hemoglobin, and the negative control contains a buffer matrix. hema-screen SPECIFIC Positive and Negative Hemoglobin Controls ...

solution reagents / for quality control / for diabetes / blood
solution reagents

The purpose of the control solution test is to validate the performance of the UASure Blood Uric Acid Meter by using a testing solution with a known range of uric acid. A control solution test that falls within the acceptable range indicates ...

PCR reagent kits
PCR reagent kits

As a gene detection kit based on the TaqMan method, you can check the results quickly using VERI-Q PCR system.

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DNA extraction reagent kits / for PCR
DNA extraction reagent kits
LabPrep LPPS100

LabPrep Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit Purify high quality plasmid DNA from bacteria KitLabPrep Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit methodCentrifugation Formatspin columns with silica membrane Targetplasmid DNA, cosmid ...

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Taigen Bioscience
amphotericin B reagents / antimycotics / for microbiology
amphotericin B reagents

Amphotericin B AMB 20 µg 5x50 Discs Order Code: M7535

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quality control reagents / for urinalysis / urine / liquid
quality control reagents

... /2016/12/image07-copy-copy.png The Mission® U500 Urine Controls are used with the Mission® and Mission® Expert Urinalysis Reagent Strips and Urine Analyzers for optimum quality control.

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clinical chemistry reagents / albumin / for amylase
clinical chemistry reagents
Ichem 100

I chem100 is a new system pack reagents for Turbochem100 with never before efficiency suitable for your lab. Features: Enhanced onboard stability Enhanced Calibration stability Guaranteed number of Tests and no wastage Less ...

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CPC Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd.
quality control reagents / for sterilizers / Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus
quality control reagents
GP series

Crosstex Quality Control (QC) Test Suspensions are ready-to-use microbial suspensions containing a consistent number of microorganisms delivering exceptional accuracy for Qualitative Microbiological Quality Control. A large number of ...

protein concentration reagent kits / for protein analysis / total proteins / colorimetric
protein concentration reagent kits

... working range3 (20-2000 μg/ μl). Although the method consists of two reactions, it only requires the addition of a single reagent.

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diagnostic reagents / for clinical chemistry / ALAT / liquid
diagnostic reagents
10 011 , 10 012

... preliminary preparation, as in the case of using lyophilized reagents. This saves time for the analysis; all procedures are performed in the monoreagent format, which is achieved by mixing reagent 1 ...

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reagent medium reagents / for bacterial isolation / for bacterial cultures / for food
reagent medium reagents

Baird Parker Agar Baird Parker Agar is a selective gel medium for the isolation and enumeration Staphylococcus aureus in food.

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RTA Laboratories
research reagent kits / for clinical chemistry / diagnostic / laboratory
research reagent kits

Useful to: provide an indication on general wellness of the organism, identify risks and predisposition to oxidative damage in subjects that are exposed to risk factors or suffering from disease or undergoing treatments. What evaluates: ...

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Diacron International S.r.l.
clinical chemistry reagent kits / plasma / serum / albumin
clinical chemistry reagent kits

... develops is directly proportional to the amount of albumin present in the sample. The presence of a tensioactive agent in the reagent increases the linearity of the reaction.

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staining solutions reagents / for microbiology / sample preparation
staining solutions reagents

Application Microbiology Ziehl-Neelsen stain with Dagatronics Ziehl-Neelsen Staining Kit allows to detect mycobacteria, also called AFB(Acid-Fast-Bacilli) according to WHO recommended technigue

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Dagatronics Corporation
clinical chemistry reagents / serum / plasma / urine
clinical chemistry reagents
PDI103310, PDI102985

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Paramedical srl
quality control reagents / ESR / human-based
quality control reagents

Starrsed Control What Is It? Starrsed Control is a whole-blood control fluid, manufactured from human red blood cells. Therefore, its sedimentation behavior closely resembles that of fresh blood. Starrsed Control comes in two versions, ...

biochemistry reagents / serum / alkaline phosphatase / kinetic
biochemistry reagents

Intended Use This reagent is intended for in vitro quantitative determination of Al kaline Phosphatase in serum or plasma. - DGKC – SCE recommended procedure with DEA buffer - Linear upto 900 U/L - Working reagent ...

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Agappe Diagnostics
stain reagents / for research / for electrophoresis / for DNA purification
stain reagents
Atlas ClearSight

APPLICATIONS: – Non-carcinogenic alternative to ethidium bromide. – Excellent for nucleic acid electrophoresis and purification applications. – For visualizing ribonucleic acids in agarose gels. Comments: This product is supplied ...

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albumin reagents / for clinical chemistry / serum / liquid
albumin reagents

... albumin reagent, intended for the in-vitro quantitative, of albumin in human serum, or the liquizyme uric acid reagent for the diagnostic determination of uric acid in human serum or urine, the wide range ...

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Salucea BV
clinical chemistry reagents / diagnostic / laboratory / urine
clinical chemistry reagents

Reagents A comprehensive test menu, provides your laboratory with the testing options you need. The highest quality reagents available ensures the accuracy and reliability of your results. Liquid ...

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Sclavo Diagnostics International