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preservatives reagents / for DNA stabilization / for DNA
preservatives reagents

GenTegra-DNA is a water soluble chemical matrix that when added to purified DNA allows it to be air-dried to form a solid matrix which coats, preserves and protects DNA in the dry state at ambient temperatures. The protection is near ...

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sample preparation reagent kits / NGS / FFPE tissues / for RNA
sample preparation reagent kits

SENSE Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit Strand-specificity >99.9 % Ready-to-sequence libraries in 3.5 hours 0.5 ng of rRNA-depleted or poly(A) selected RNA input incl. from low-quality RNA and FFPE samples Unique dual indexing of up ...

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qPCR reagent kits / lyophilized
qPCR reagent kits
Prime Pro

Downloadable kit handbooks available below Key features • World's largest choice - over 400 qPCR detection / speciation kits. • Kits are lyophilised (freeze dried) • Ambient shipping, reduced cost and complexity • 1 protocol covers all ...

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monoclonal antibodies reagents / for molecular and cellular biology / cell
monoclonal antibodies reagents

The cytoplasmic cytoskeleton determines cell organization, shape and adhesion among other functions. Furthermore, the cell type-specific expression of intermediate filaments allows determination of the origin of many, otherwise unspecific ...

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Biohit Oyj
fetal bovine sera reagents / for cell culture / assayed / liquid
fetal bovine sera reagents
04-001-1A , 04-001-1B

... factors. Biological Industries’ FBS reagents undergo the most stringent quality control screening and validation standards to ensure high quality and consistent batches with minimal variability. All of BI’s FBS reagents ...

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Biological Industries
clinical chemistry reagents / liquid
clinical chemistry reagents

Ready to use liquid reagents that eliminate problems of inaccuracy and contamination during the reconstitution process. The wide range of linearity of our reagents avoids the dilution process of high ...

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BioSystems S.A.
stain reagents / for electrophoresis
stain reagents

... ethidium bromide and other DNA stains Description See your samples separate in real time RunSAFE is a non-mutagenic fluorescent reagent that produces instant visualization of DNA bands upon Blue Light or UV illumination ...

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Cleaver Scientific
antibody labeling reagent kits / for Western blot / for biochemistry / for ELISA
antibody labeling reagent kits
Lightning-Link® Rapid Biotin Type A

... available amine group, with 100% recovery of materials. The kit is intended for assays in which a streptavidin-labeled detection reagent will be used. The kit requires only 30 seconds hands-on time and the conjugates ...

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cell counting reagents / liquid
cell counting reagents

Amphasys provides specialized reagents and consumables for many kinds of cells and applications as well as cleaning solutions for the care of the fluidic system. The electric signal recorded by the highly sensitive ...

DNA extraction reagent kits / cell / whole blood
DNA extraction reagent kits
MagPurix® ZP02001

MagPurix® Reagent Kits are designed to provide User highest extraction quality with minimum Human interaction! With the optimized Protocols and the Easy-To-Use User-Interface, Laboratory technicans can utilize their time ...

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hematology reagents
hematology reagents

Features: -Stable and high quality. -Original reagent/control/calibrator ensure the best performance and compatibility with Rayto hematology analyzers.

sample preparation reagent kits / tissue
sample preparation reagent kits

The Precellys lysing kits are dedicated to sample preparation for Precellys tissue homogenizers. They gather high quality material (glass, ceramic or stainless steel) and Dnase/Rnase free certification. The Precellys lysing kits offer ...

hematology reagents
hematology reagents

Reagents Since 2000, MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires manufactures its own reagents in its Swiss facility, MELET SCHLOESING Pharmaceuticals. Reagents are made of : a diluant a detergent two ...

antibodies reagents / for blood phenotyping / for blood typing / for antigen D
antibodies reagents

Ready-to-use reagents for ABO-RH1 grouping and RH-K phenotyping in EM® Technology. Includes 12 microplates (96 wells each) with predistributed monoclonal reagents and 1 x 40 ml MagneLys Quantity: 96 ...

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DMEM reagents / for cell culture / liquid
DMEM reagents

DMEM medium in EVA bag BC0110060 Volume: 240 mL Use with: CellSTACK® one or two chambers Storage Temperature: Between +2°C and 8°C Shelf life: 8 months

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reagent medium reagents / for bacterial isolation / Candida albicans / Candida krusei
reagent medium reagents
CA220, CA223-25

For isolation and differentiation of major clinical-significant Candida species. Typical Appearance of microrganisms Candida albicans → green Candida tropicalis → metallic blue Candida krusei → pink, fuzzy Other species → white to ...

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buffer solutions reagents / for diabetes / C-peptide / ELISA
buffer solutions reagents

DESCRIPTION Dilution buffer that can be used to dilute samples. ADVANTAGES Easy-to-use Optimizes assay performance in diluted samples INTENDED USE Mercodia Diabetes Sample Buffer is a dilution buffer that can be used in the following ...

FISH reagents / solution / sample preparation / for hybridization
FISH reagents

... diluting the working solution to match the tissue type; eliminating the inconvenience and added cost of purchasing different reagent kits. Standard activity CytoZyme is also available with an activity equivalent to Abbott ...

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bovine serum albumin reagents / for ELISA / high-sensitivity
bovine serum albumin reagents
EM.BSA series

Bovine Serum Albumin 15nm Gold Conjugate Bovine Serum Albumin 20nm Gold Conjugate Bovine Serum Albumin 40nm Gold Conjugate More Information ApplicationsELISA, Lateral Flow, Life Science Product CategoryConjugates Shipping RecommendationIf ...

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BBI Enzymes
MacConkey agar reagents / for bacterial isolation / enterobacteriaceae
MacConkey agar reagents

MacConkey AgarSelective medium for enterobacteria isolation.

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quality control reagents / laboratory / ESR / liquid
quality control reagents

18 month shelf life 31 day open vial stability No refrigeration required Free QC data management with 24/7 online access Seditrol® is a bi-level quality control, manufactured from human blood used to monitor the performance of erythrocyte ...

clinical chemistry reagent kits
clinical chemistry reagent kits

Description:Presentation: 1 x 10 mlCode 1443152, 1443153 and 1443154: ABO Blood groupsCode 1443155 Antigen DCode 1443151 Bovine serum albumin solutionCode 1443156 For direct or indirect Antiglobulin tests (Coombs)​

biochemistry reagents / enzymatic / liquid
biochemistry reagents
ABX™ Micros 45/60

CDS NextGeneration™ reagent systems are designed for use on ABX® Micros 45/60 Analyzers. These reagents are high quality, low cost direct replacements of your current reagent systems.

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Clinical Diagnostic Solutions
buffer solutions reagent kits / for DNA extraction / sample preparation / bacteria
buffer solutions reagent kits
foodproof® ShortPrep I

foodproof® ShortPrep I Kit The ShortPrep I Kit is designed for quick and easy DNA extraction (using heat-induced lysis) from food enrichments of Gram-negative bacteria, including Salmonella. Principle Cells are lysed using the foodproof ...

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BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH
quality control reagent kits / NGS / for DNA analysis / cell
quality control reagent kits
DEPArray™ QC

Formalin-fixation causes fragmentation and chemical modifications in DNA, posing significant challenges for molecular assays, such as downstream NGS applications. The DEPArray™ FFPE QC Kit has been developed to assess the DNA integrity ...

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Menarini Silicon Biosystems