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cancer test kit / blood / for circulating tumor cells
cancer test kit

EpCAM - Positive CTC Selection Kits ✔ Simple & fast procedure, without the need of microfluidic chips ✔ Superior sensitivity, up to 4x higher than competitor kits ✔ Ability to capture CTCs that competitor ...

blood typing test kit / blood
blood typing test kit

... Device) for manual ABO/RhD blood group confirmation of donors and recipients. It needs only 3 steps to perform a blood group test in less than 30 seconds in a safe and standardized way.It is a ready-to-use pad based on ...

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa test kit / for food safety / for food / for water
Pseudomonas aeruginosa test kit
Compact Dry PA

... ml of homogenized sample (dilute if necessary) on the middle of the dry sheet of the Compact Dry plate. Viable count in swab test specimen Use the Compact Dry Swab offered by HyServe Id-No. 1 002 952/3 (40/240 pieces ...

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HyServe GmbH & Co. KG
infectious disease test kit / for antibodies / HTLV-1 / HTLV-2
infectious disease test kit

Derived from purified and inactivated HTLV-I viral lysate, a purified HTLV-II viral lysate, and a recombinant HTLV-I p21E antigen, the Avioq HTLV-I/II Microelisa System is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the qualitative ...

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HCV test kit / ELISA
HCV test kit

Breakable stripsSample addition monitoringColored reagents to control the processUnique and ready-to-use developerMonoclonal anti-IgG antibodyHigh sensitivity for different HCV genotypesHigh specificity and precision

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Wiener Lab Group
brucellosis test kit / for food safety / Brucella / for real-time PCR
brucellosis test kit

foodproof® Brucella Detection Kit The foodproof Brucella Detection Kit detects the genus Brucella and additionally identifies the two most common food-associated disease species Brucella abortus and Brucella ...

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BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH
contamination test kit / for yeast / surface
contamination test kit

Double Rose Bengal Agar for Yeasts and Fungi OnlyPack Size: 10 SlidesProduct Code: Z3BRB2Typical Lead Time: Approximately one week from receipt of orderDimanco Bacticount slides are designed to monitor working surfaces and fluids for ...

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TCS Biosciences Ltd
infectious disease test kit / Klebsiella pneumoniae / NDM / OXA-48
infectious disease test kit

Single immunochromatography test for the triple independent identification of OXA-48-like, KPC-like and NDM-like carbapenemase on bacterial colony.Advantages of the kits3 parameters in 1 single testNo ...

infectious disease test kit / HPV / cervical secretion / vaginal secretions
infectious disease test kit

... type can leads cervical cancer, and also other type can cause various disease such as larygeal papillomatosis or warts.HPV PCR Kit is designed to amplify HPV L1 region based on one-tube nested. It is set to asymmetric ...

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OSANG Healthcare
hepatitis A test kit / for hepatitis A virus / for antibodies / serum
hepatitis A test kit

bioelisa HAV is a competitive immunoenzymatic method for determination of antibodies to Hepatitis A virus inhuman serum or plasma. The assay is based on a competition between anti-HAV antibodies present in the sampleand monoclonal antibodies ...

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microbiology test kit / for identification analysis / for dermatological infection / fungi
microbiology test kit
InTray™ DM

InTray™ DM enables simultaneous detection and observation of the dermatophyte fungal group. Dermatophytes are a specific group of fungi that cause common skin, nail, and hair infections in both humans and animals. Dermatophytes are zoonotic, ...

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Biomed Diagnostics, Inc.
respiratory infection test kit / respiratory syncytial virus / influenza A / influenza B
respiratory infection test kit
FilmArray® RP EZ

Respiratory Panel EZSample Type: Nasopharyngeal swab14 TARGETS IN ONE TESTThe FilmArray® Respiratory Panel (RP) EZ tests for a comprehensive set of 14 respiratory viral and bacterial pathogens in about an hour. RP EZ ...

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BioFire Diagnostics
research test kit / Chlamydia / urine / for PCR
research test kit
TM31400, TM31410, EP31400

Detection kits for the Chlamydia Available in 2 formats for analysis: TaqMan Probe Cat. SG31400End-Point PCR Cat. EP31400

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Norgen Biotek
celiac disease test kit / for DNA
celiac disease test kit

Test for the detection of HLA haplotypes associated to celiac disease.CeliacStrip detects the presence or absence of haplotypes that encode HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8.Celiac disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the ...

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Operon S.A.
adenovirus test kit / for PCR
adenovirus test kit
RealStar® 301013

RealStar® Adenovirus PCR Kit Detection and quantification of human Adenovirus (HAdV) specific DNA Detection of all known human pathogen Adenovirus species Ready-to-use kit including Internal ...

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altona Diagnostics GmbH
hepatitis B test kit / for antigens / serum / plasma
hepatitis B test kit

Optimal mass test for HBsAg SD HBsAg ELISA 3.0 kit is direct sandwich ELISA for the qualitative detection of Hepatitis B surface antigen in human serum or plasma. ...

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Standard Diagnostics
heartworm test kit / for canines / Dirofilaria / serum
heartworm test kit
ZippTest® CHW

... months. This test is a rapid (10 minute) assay based on the detection of adult female Dirofilaria antigen present in the dog’s serum, plasma or whole blood. The assay uses sensitized gold particles to bind up this antigen ...

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SafePath Laboratories
lung cancer test kit / for EGFR mutations / blood / for DNA
lung cancer test kit
EliGene® Lung

... 18, 19, 20, 21) allowing detection of polymorphisms included in the amplified regions. Principle of the method EliGene® NGS kits enable multiplex PCR amplification of all required target regions of the gene(s) of interest. ...

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Elisabeth Pharmacon spol
celiac disease test kit / immunoglobulin A / serum / ELISA
celiac disease test kit

Biomerica�s Transglutaminase IgA ELISA is a 1� hour quantitative test for the presence of transglutaminase IgA antibodies in human serum. Celiac disease (CD) or gluten-sensitive enteropathy is a chronic ...

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meningitis test kit / cerebrospinal fluid / for PCR
meningitis test kit
GenoFlow R14004

The test detects 12 common bacterial pathogens for the purpose of screening meningitis caused by various types of bacteria.

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DiagCor Bioscience Incorporation Limited
drug detection test kit / multi-drug / oral fluid
drug detection test kit
Alere™ DDS®V

The Alere DDSV Test Kit provides rapid oral fluid screening of up to six drugs at once with results in just five minutes. With minimal operator steps and a windicator to aid in result interpretation, ...

inflammatory disease test kit / for equines / for serum amyloid A
inflammatory disease test kit

infectious disease test kit / Streptococcus pneumoniae / urine / cerebrospinal fluid
infectious disease test kit

ImmuView® S. pneumoniae Intended Use ImmuView® S. pneumoniae Antigen Test is the rapid test that detects all pneumococcus serotypes with high sensitivity and specificity in both urine and cerebrospinal ...

HHV-6 test kit / for infectious diseases / serum / cerebrospinal fluid
HHV-6 test kit
ODZ-235, ODZ-344

ELISA-VIDITEST and IF-VIDITEST anti-HHV-6 kits are intended for serological diagnosis of diseases associated with HHV–6 infection, such as exanthema subitum, acute respiratory illnesses, diarrhoea with fever and febrile ...

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VIDIA s.r.o
coagulation assay kit / fibrinogen
coagulation assay kit
AMP CoaTrol

AMP Coagulation Reagents enable general functional analysis of the coagulation process separately for the extrinsic and the intrinsic pathway. Also determination of the Fibrinogen concentration as the central protein ...