proctology examination chair / electric / height-adjustable / 2-section



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During the development of the AGA-PROKTO-LIFT (PRE-1067/EE), our main focus was on how to ease the patient’s tension as much as possible before, during and after the examination in the lithotomy position.
Once the physician has brought the backrest into a horizontal position using electric adjustment, the entire seat area can be folded down using a single handle. Since the patient is unable to actually observe further examination proceedings, this provides the best relaxation possible.
AGA-PROKTO-LIFT - User and patient-friendly
Ergonomically-designed padding of the backrest (95-135 mm) and seat (70 mm) for a very high comfort level, while the low seat height (620 mm) enables easy access.
The wedge-shaped backrest eliminates the need for a separate neck roll.
In order to offer the ideal working height for each user this examination chair may be adjusted in height and tilt (backrest).
Electric seat height adjustment and backrests tilting controlled by two maintenance-free, spill-proof and ultra-quiet electric motors and pneumatic foot switches to provide the physician with optimal working conditions.
The wide base of the frame together with the pull-out support leg guarantee the high stability of the chair. The shock- and scratch-resistant protective covers of the column and base are easy to clean, like all other components.