container mobile health vehicle / general medicine

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container mobile health vehicle / general medicine container mobile health vehicle / general medicine - AmbMED02


  • Applications:

    general medicine

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An expandable container hospital manufactured by transforming containers having 20 or 40 ft gauges into a hospital.

It is possible to carry the container as being closed during the shipping process.

The container consists of three main parts which are

-greeting room

-examination and intervention room, which can be also designed as a resistance room

-technical room

There is an expandable part whose measure depends on the size of the container: 4 meters expandable part for 20 ft container; 8 meters expandable part for 40 ft container. The container has the capability of expanding nearly 1,5 meters among the left-right outwards. The medical supplies in the container are taken from the inside to the outer side manually when the container is open. On the other hand, the medical supplies and the cabinets are immobilized on the main center when the container is closed. There is an immobilization system in order to prevent the devices in the container from damaging during the transportation process.

The external box of the expandable container manufactured from sheet metal. The internal surfaces of the container covered with PVC material with polyurethane that provides heat and sound insulation. The roof is resistant against heavy rain and snow; moreover, it is covered with galvanizing. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof if requested. The energy coming from the panels can be stored in the batteries located in the technical room. The lights, included in the system, and the devices requiring simple power can be operated by this energy.