trailer mobile clinic / box / veterinary

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trailer mobile clinic / box / veterinary trailer mobile clinic / box / veterinary - AmbMED08


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    trailer, box

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The clinic is designed for the patients who need care out of the hospital or the patients who don’t have any access to the hospital owing to living in rural areas. The clinic can be detailed as a tooth, ent, gynecology, mammography, mobile x-ray, mobile dental vehicle, or eye health, according to the needs of a customer.

The vehicle is agreeable with Africa and the Middle East climate and geologic conditions. The working range of the system is compatible with between -20 and +50 working conditions.

chassis of the clinic is produced from highly durable steel material. It is handled in a laser machine and welded with a gas welding while it is in the production process. The surface of the chassis is covered with polyurethane epoxy coating. Precautions are taken in order to prevent corrosion by using top coverings. The mobile clinic is harmonious with all types of roads.

It has an average of 8 tons of transporting capacity. It was manufactured from a special composite material. The panels, used in the clinic, are light and they have high strength. The vacuum process is implemented while manufacturing the sandwich panels. cross-link attachment used in the mounting of case and trailer. All the connectors are covered with chemical resins in order to protect them against wear and corrosion. Reinforced aluminum frames are used on the external sides of the case in order to decrease the vibrations that result from strain while the vehicle is in motion.

Side panels of the mobile clinic are produced from XPS rigid foam which prevents moisture that may occur in the clinic. The case doesn’t transmit any water from outside to inside.