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Hospital Tent

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area emergency call system / medical area emergency call system / medical - Hospital Tent


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A field hospital tent is designed and manufactured on the purpose of carrying out operations and providing general health solutions in compelling lands and weather conditions.

> It is possible to evaluate the field tent as a subsidiary element in the projects of the field hospital. Due to the fact that providing facilities in the use of medical operations, having enough operation space, and being mounted on the field easily, the field hospital tent preferred in the field hospital projects.

> The field hospital tent, swelling with air, grants support for field hospitals in terms of emergency service and medical care.

> The installation of the tent system is arranged max within 10 minutes. Metal supporting elements weren’t used inside of the field tent.

AmbulanceMed field hospital tents accomplished in order to provide temporary clinical services to armies and patients who need medical care. Moreover, it is designed for the purpose of allowing health employees to make medical and surgical interventions to the armies in the field as soon as possible.

Uniquely composed tents can be fabricated particularly for African nations with a specific air-conditioning system and subsumed HEPA filter.

Designed on the verge of using in the compelling climates and conditions. The floor and windows are insulated with a covering that affords heat insulation.

> It is placed that conduits on the external windows and doors in order to block water even under the heavy rain from entering the tent.

> The tent constituted from a fabric with a UV filter that is fire-proof.

> What applied for electric and cable connections used in the tent is special nodes.