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electric patient lift / on casters
Maxi Twin®

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electric patient lift electric patient lift - Maxi Twin®


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    on casters


The open design of Maxi Twin can enhance safe working practices for
caregivers when transferring dependent patients or residents.

Making everyday transfers easier and safer
The Maxi Twin is simple to operate. All powered functions, including the Powered Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS), are operated via the handheld control unit, enabling routines to be carried out without any manual lifting. The resident/patient can be gently rotated 360° in the sling, which increases the safety and efficiency of transfer routines, and its open, modern design enables unprecedented eye contact between caregiver and resident/patient, which adds to the feeling of safety and increases resident/patient wellbeing.

Improving efficiency
The Maxi Twin enables single-caregiver operation for everyday transfer routines. It is suitable for residents/patients who are unable to support themselves, and who are in care environments such as residential homes, nursing homes and specialist care facilities. It is supplied with two batteries and, with daily charging routines, the lift is always ready to use. The integrated scale option enables caregivers to weigh residents/patients during the transfer process.

Safe working load of 182 kg (400 lbs).
Unique friction solution prevents the spreader bar from swinging back and forth (patent pending).
Better eye contact between caregiver and resident/patient, thanks to the open, twin mast design.
Exceptional legroom for the resident/patient.
Excellent manoeuvrability.
Suitable for all transfer and lifting routines, including lifting residents/patients up from the floor, due to the high and low lifting stroke and long reach.