rapid gastrointestinal disease test / Helicobacter pylori



  • Applications:

    for gastrointestinal diseases

  • Tested parameter:

    Helicobacter pylori


Rapid Urease Test for Helicobacter pylori diagnosis.

The test refers to invasive method for H.pylori detection. Determination of urease
activity of biopsy specimen with AMA RUT PRO is performed straight up to endoscopy procedure.


No incubation
Unlike most of the rapid urease tests, AMA RUT PRO detects the urease that is present in the biopsy specimen at the time it is taken, not the urease that can be produced hours later. Thus, saving time on incubation, AMA RUT PRO also provides better specificity compared to most of the gel-based rapid urease tests.

Accuracy approved
98% sensitivity 100% specificity
Extensive clinical testings held in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other Russian cities have proved that AMA RUT PRO is an accurate point-of-care test.

CE- marked
AMA meets the requirements of the In-vitro Diagnostics Directive 98/79/EC and AMA RUT is of ficially registered in European Community.

Use the specimen further
The same biopsy specimen can be examined with other methods directly after the 3-minutes period. The specimen can then be taken for further analysis, such as culture, histology etc.

Easy to store
Shelf-life is 24 months. No special storage conditions are required.