floor-standing washer-disinfector / front-loading / automatic
WD 200

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floor-standing washer-disinfector floor-standing washer-disinfector - WD 200


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    front-loading, automatic


Designed with the same attention to quality and reliability as its big brothers, the WD 250 and WD 290, the WD 200 boasts a small footprint and low water use while offering plenty of capacity.

Soaking, penetrating wash process effectively delivers water and detergent to all surfaces and hard to reach areas
Thermal rinse achieves an A0 disinfection of 3000, effective on heat resistant viruses such as Hepatitis B
SmartFill™ adjusts water use to the load size, minimizing the use of resources
Available with steam or electric heat, with optional DI water pre-heater to reduce cycle time in electric heat version
Hinged doors eliminate need for carts, a benefit in tight spaces

Multi-level instrument racks
Container rack
MIS Instrument Rack

Elevated Safety Standards, Resource Saving,
& Workflow Efficient

These criteria define why the WD 200 and WD 250
are the ideal choice in planning for tomorrow’s needs
and setting higher expectations for your CSSD.

Elevated Safety Standards
With patient and employee safety of the utmost
importance, Belimed adheres to the highest safety
standards in the industry. The WD 200 and WD 250
reach a thermal disinfection level of A0
3000 versus the
minimal disinfection level of A0
600. This protocol is more
effective at inactivating certain heat resistant organisms
that may be present on contaminated instruments. In
order to minimize the possibility of cross contamination,
sensors in the system will not release the load unless all
cycle parameters are met or exceeded.