anesthesia gas blender / oxygen / nitrous oxide / tube flow meter
Mix 4, Mix 5

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anesthesia gas blender anesthesia gas blender - Mix 4, Mix 5


  • Applications:


  • Gas type:

    oxygen, nitrous oxide

  • Technology:

    tube flow meter


The MIX 4 and MIX 5 safety gas mixer are devices allowing to supply a medical gas mixture (O²/N²O or O²/Air). Compared to the MIX 2 and MIX 3 these safety gas mixers allow a more accurate reading due to twin tubes
(O², N²O) functioning. Mainly used in workroom, operating theatre and examination room.

The advantages and security of these devices are the following :
- Possibility of very light flow mixture.
- Twin reading tubes providing
a high precision level.
- Separate gas flow reading.
- Fine control flowmeters, individual calibration.
- Supply pressure variations insensitivity.
- Safety regulation even working with light flows and preventing the mixture to contain less than 20% of oxygen.
- Complete nitrous oxide cut off in case of oxygen supply default.
- Audible alarm in case of failure
of oxygen supply.
- Oxygen supply outlet for auxiliary use.
- Oxygen by pass built in push button.

MIX 4 – O²-N²O - MIXER
O2 Flow : Mini. 0,2 L/min - Maxi. 15 L/min.
AIR Flow : Mini. 0,2 L/min - Maxi. 15 L/min
Mixture Flow : Mini. 0,4 L/min - Maxi. 30 L/min. (Oxygen 50%)
O2+ By pass flow : 55 L/min (Option)
Supply pressure : 2,5 to 7 bars
Minimum O² pressure alarm : 1,5bar
Dimensions : W320-D150-H135 mm
Weight : 2,8 kg

MIX 5 O² - N²O – AIR – MIXER
Selector switch preventing AIR and N²O simultaneous flow
AIR Flow : Mini. 0,2 L/min - Maxi. 15 L/min
Weight : 3,5 kg
This devices are in compliance with the EN-740 standard (oxygen alarm built in the device) and the European Medical Device Direc-tive 93/42/CEE.

Outlet cone for O² flush connection
Supplying gas pipe
Universal rail adaptator
Tube fixation adaptator
Oxygen sensor with adaptator