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    control, neuronavigation

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    for tablet PC


Cranial Navigation Application
Integrated Tools. Intuitive Control.
Brainlab neuronavigation combines ease of use with extended functionality tailored to the surgeons’ needs

Easy-to-Use Navigation
With digital patient data uploaded to the Brainlab Cranial Navigation application in the O.R., surgeons can identify their approach before making an incision. Cranial Navigation tracks tools¹ in real time and displays their position in relation to the patient data. Surgeons are guided through procedures, helping to keep skull openings small and minimize damage to healthy structures.

Simultaneous navigation in different datasets
Combines relevant details in overlaid views
User interface designed for touch control
Automated functions minimize interaction
Universal instrument calibration on-the-fly
Seamless import of all iPlan® data
Variety of hardware and software options

Time-Saving Registration
Regardless of the patient’s position, Brainlab Cranial Navigation offers multiple techniques for referencing them to the system. Z-touch® and Softouch® are based on surface matching, making patient registration quick and easy by simply touching the patients’ skin with either a pointer or a laser. As both devices register CT and MR images without headsets or markers, registration scans can be avoided, helping to reduce neuronavigation costs and radiation exposure to the patient and O.R. team.

Pointer registration with or without markers
Touch-sensitive surface matching with Softouch
Contact-free surface matching with Z-touch
Combined surface matching registration
Pre- and intraoperative landmark registration