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rapid genetic disorder test / for leukemia / for BCR-ABL mutations / blood
Xpert® BCR-ABL Ultra



  • Applications:

    for leukemia, for genetic disorders

  • Tested parameter:

    for BCR-ABL mutations

  • Sample type:


  • Analysis mode:



Xpert® BCR-ABL Ultra
Ultra-Sensitive CML Monitoring
Sensitivity, precision and ease of use
Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra:
Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra is a quantitative test for BCR-ABL major breakpoint (p210) transcripts that provides highly sensitive and on-demand molecular results. Based on the innovative GeneXpert technology, Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra automates the entire test process including RNA isolation, reverse transcription, and fully nested real-time PCR of BCR-ABL target gene and ABL reference gene in one fully automated cartridge.


2.5 hours for the total process
Simply add the treated blood sample and an off-board reagent to the Xpert cartridge
The results are aligned to the IS lot-to-lot through secondary standards calibrated to the BCR-ABL WHO panel
4 mL input volume of whole blood ensures reproducible detection of low-level transcripts
High sensitivity and low inter-laboratory variation8
Clinically demonstrated limit of detection of <4.5-log reduction (0.0032%)8
Same day information supports informed clinical decisions, including inclusion in treatment discontinuation research
Faster results reduce patient anxiety9
Flexibility and simplicity for more streamlined workflow
Eliminates need for standard curve and replicate testing
Frees up technician time for other lab services
Any number of samples, any day of the week with a fixed cost per reportable result
One page report with results aligned to the IS